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Spinal Stem Cells Treatments

Spinal surgery presents a challenge for both neurosurgery and orthopaedic surgery. Due to the heterogeneous differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cells, there is much interest in the use of stem cells for spinal conditions.

We are entering an era of preservation rather than replacement in all aspects of medical care. The use of bone marrow or adipose derived stem cells for the treatment of back pain has been only a remote possibility in the past. Now there is potential hope for thousands of patients suffering from debilitating or chronic back pain.

At The London Spine Unit we are offering adipose derived mesenchymal progenitor (healing cells) cells to treat back pain. We are at the forefront of medical innovation and have already performed over 100 treatments with encouraging results. We have found that over 70% of patients get relief of back pain and avoid the reliance on corticosteroid or other potentially harmful medications which need to be taken for long periods.

Technical Tips & Info

The procedure is performed under sedation as a day surgery procedure. You walk in and walk out of clinic on the same day.

A local anaesthetic is applied to your abdomen and some adipose tissue (fat) is extracted by a special device similar to that used in liposuction. The tissue is processed and fat is emulsified. The progenitor cells are then extracted and concentrated. The cells may be combined with platelet rich plasma. The PRP provides extra nourishment for the cells in the SVF. This combination of Fat derived progenitor cells and PRP provides a healing potential and reduces inflammation around the spine. The processed lipoaspirate is then injected into areas of the spine that have inflammation, degeneration or injury.

The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. The benefits are usually noticed at 2 weeks and maybe long lasting for many years.

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