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Spinal Ozone Treatment

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Another breakthrough in modern medicine is the introduction of Oxygen-Ozone injections in treating herniated discs in the spine. Ozone treatment has been reported to have a healing attribute for patients and subsequent research is still ongoing to prove its efficacy in treating other spine-related injuries and infections.

Before now, surgery and epidural steroid injection (which is a technique that doesn’t require surgery) have been used to treat herniated discs, but the introduction of Ozone therapy as an alternative has made treatment more effective and recovery much quicker for patients suffering from this condition. The injection delivers a powerful activated form of oxygen to break up the scar tissue and protruding disc material in the spine, allowing the body to digest and resorb the disc fragments more effectively.

Ozone is particularly useful where the bulging disc compressing the nerve has proven too stubborn for other injections. It is performed under x-ray guidance with the patient sedated. This is a minimally invasive procedure which means patients recover more quickly.

Percutaneous Ozone Disc Therapy

The problem and solution

A herniated disc describes a condition where the soft, jelly-like material inside the disc begins to protrude out. Also known as a slipped or prolapsed disc, the condition can compress nerves in the spine and cause numbness and pain. When the disc material and fluids escaping a herniated disc reaches a certain volume the pain can become excruciating. Ozone therapy effectively reduces the volume, lowering pressure on the nerves and thereby reducing the pain you feel as a patient.

At the London Spine Unit, we perform hundreds of Ozone injections every year, helping many find relief from painful herniated disc problems. At our spine unit, we have the most competent team of professionals in the medical world with the skills to diagnose and treat back and neck pain. Following a thorough assessment of your condition, usually involving the use of CT, x-ray or MRI scanners and, if your symptoms warrant it, blood sampling, we are usually able to get our patients an accurate diagnosis very quickly. This means patients who have suffered chronic back pain for a long time, and perhaps have been waiting an equally long time to get a diagnosis through their GP, are able to get to the bottom of their problem and have the right treatment plan set in place to start them on the road to recovery.

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This surgical technique consists of a percutaneous approach for the treatment of small to medium size hernias of the intervertebral disc by laser energy. The main objective is to reduce the intradiscal pressure in the nucleus pulposus

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