19 Harley St, London, W1G 9QJ, UK

Our Surgical Team

Mr Mo Akmal MD
Spinal Surgery

Mr Mo Akmal

Mr Mo Akmal is an Orthopaedic Surgeon specialising in Spinal Surgery, Pioneer of Day Surgery, Medical Director of The Harley Street Hospital. Mr Akmal is

Mr Purnajyoti Banerjee
Spinal Surgery

Mr Purnajyoti Banerjee

Mr. Purnajyoti Banerjee, an Orthopaedic Surgeon specializing in Spinal Surgery, brings over two decades of experience across India, Germany, and the UK, offering advanced keyhole

Dr Anne Mitchener
Spinal Surgeons

Mrs Anne Mitchener

Mrs Anne Mitchener is one of the most highly rated Neurosurgeons in London. She is at the forefront of innovation, ensuring patients benefit from the

Dr Yuin Lok
Spinal Surgeons

Dr Yuin Lok

Dr. Yuin Lok, Fellow in Spinal Surgery, offers comprehensive care at The London Spine Unit & The Harley Street Hospital, ensuring that all patients experince

Prof Hilali Noordeen
Spinal Surgeons

Professor Hilali Noordeen

Professor Hilali Noordeen qualified in 1985 from the University of Oxford. He is one of UK’s Leading Spinal Surgeons specialising in Scoliosis surgery and Degenerative

Mr Dimpu Bhagawati FRCS
Spinal Surgeons

Mr Dimpu Bhagawati

Mr Dimpu Bhagawati is Spinal Surgeon who undertakes all types of spinal surgery. He has been involved in both Oxford and London at the cutting

M Caspar Aylott FRCS
Spinal Surgery

Mr Caspar Aylott

Mr Caspar Aylott is an internationally-trained consultant spinal surgeon practising at The London Spine Unit and Cheltenham Spine Clinic

Mr Ahmed Hussein FRCS
Spinal Surgeons

Mr Ahmed Hussien

Mr. Hussein, a qualified neurosurgeon, specialises in spinal surgery with extensive training and expertise. He supports London Spine Unit and undertakes a Medico-Legal practice

There are many things we could say about what we do and who we are. 

1. We could tell you about our location in Harley Street, London, the heart of the most prestigious medical district in the UK. Harley Street on Wikipedia

2. We could tell you about our outstanding team of top doctors, specialists at the apex of their fields in neurosurgery and spine health, physical therapies and wellbeing. Our Consultants

3. We could tell you about our world-class equipped diagnostic and treatment facilities, and access to the latest innovative solutions for restoring and maintaining good health. Our Harley Street Hospital Facility

4. We could tell you about all of this and more but, essentially, it would all come down to a single point, which is that we exist to offer very personalised services for people who value high quality health care. Our Values

Specialist Spine Care

We are home to one of the world’s leading specialist spine units. 

About London Spine UnitHere, we offer a comprehensive range of solutions to assess, diagnose and treat all types of problems affecting the spine. Our spine unit sees upwards of five thousand spine patients every year. They come to us from all over the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA, and getting them the right diagnosis and treatment with the best outcome remains the most important factor in the service we provide. Our Specialist treatments


Health Screening and Wellbeing Unit

From our Health Screening and Wellbeing Unit we offer a variety of preventative health care solutions to help ourAbout London Spine Unit Uk patients maintain optimum health. Good general health is vital for maintaining a healthy Spine. This includes health screening services for cancer, cardiovascular disease, kidney problems and more. We offer holistic and physical therapies such as osteopathy, physiotherapy, neuro rehabilitation, and in fact a whole range of solutions to help the body heal itself using its own natural resources.


Our Clinic at The Harley Street Hospital

As a patient at our Harley Street Hospital, you have accessto an outstanding level of patient care. This means access to the world’s best medical facilities, fully equipped with every diagnostic tool and technology required to help us understand how best to help you, including CT, x-ray and MRI scanners. Last but not least, you also have access to a team of specialist doctors and medical experts in the treatment of all types of spine problems and general wellbeing.

Our Patients

One of the advantages our patients enjoy is being able to get things like blood sampling tests and x-rays done very quickly. This can mean the difference between getting a diagnosis sorted so that you can start any treatment needed and having to deal with delays and waiting lists. We are usually able to offer our patients an appointment to see one of our specialist consultants within two weeks. Oftentimes it’s just about getting that peace of mind and knowing that there’s nothing to worry about.

Initial Consultation

with Consultant Spine Surgeon
£ 250
  • No Waiting Times
  • Top NHS affiliated Consultant
  • Includes Clinical Review and Report
  • Multidisciplinary discussion
  • Review of Previous Scans and Reports

Follow up Consultation

any appointment after initial consultation
£ 180
  • Top NHS affiliated Consultant
  • Includes Clinical Review and Report
  • Multidisciplinary discussion

High Resolution MRI Scan

Single Region ie Lumbar or Cervical
£ 600
  • No waiting times
  • Includes Full Radiologist Report
  • Open or Closed MRI scan types
  • Copy of Scan on CD

Website Offer

Pre-Booked Online. This includes the Highest Resolution MRI scanner 3.0 Tesla
£ 800
  • Initial Consultation
  • MRI Scan (Single Region)
  • Follow Up consultation
  • One Stop Visit
  • Full Medical and MRI scan Report
  • Copy of scan on CD
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