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Treatment of symptomatic lumbar spinal degenerative pathologies by means of combined conservative biochemical treatments. – PubMed


Research in spine surgery has proposed new soft and less invasive techniques. These are the results of our experience with oxygen-ozone therapy, which we could experiment within the Italian National Health System over 3 years. A total of 1,920 patients were admitted on the basis of unselected enrolment because of lumbosciatic pain. Patients were divided into three groups: (A) Patients with degenerative disc disease and arthropathy: 509 (26.5%), (B) Patients with failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS): 1,027 (53.489%), and (C) Patients with pure herniated lumbar disc: 384 (20%). The rationale of the treatment for all these different pathologies we have taken into consideration is the biochemical mechanism by which they can engender pain and dysfunction. Treatment for group A: paravertebral injection and phleboclysis (two cycles of 6 sessions, one each 3 days) +endoscopic neurolysis. Treatment for group B: paravertebral injection and phleboclysis (two cycles of 6 sessions, one each 3 days) + endoscopic neurolysis with intradiscal procedure (named percutaneous peridurodiscolysis). Treatment for group C: paravertebral injection (two cycles of 6 sessions, one each 3 days) + percutaneous discolysis.The perceived quality of result for this minimally invasive procedure makes oxygen-ozone therapy an interesting weapon in the hands of doctors. Furthermore, if the technique loses its clinical effectiveness, it can be repeated without harm for the patient, and costs for the health organization are notably very low, above all if compared to surgical procedures.We underline the need that this treatment should be performed in protected structures, in operative rooms, under anesthesiologic control, and in the hands of specialists.


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