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Topping Phenomenon with Recurrent Spinal Stenosis and Epidural Fibrosis Prevented with Oxidized Cellulose – a Case Report.

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Topping Phenomenon with Recurrent Spinal Stenosis and Epidural Fibrosis Prevented with Oxidized Cellulose – a Case Report.

Acta Medica (Hradec Kralove). 2018;61(2):69-73

Authors: Hart R

Lumbar spinal stenosis is a situation the place the neural constructions are compressed within the narrowed spinal canal and infrequently located solely inside a single particular section of the backbone, most incessantly within the lumbar backbone. A case report demonstrates a surgical answer of lumbar spinal stenosis with utilizing oxidized cellulose as a prevention of post-operative adhesions and failed again syndrome. A feminine affected person (68) with a major ache of the lumbar backbone lasting for a variety of months resulting from superior spondylosis, failing to answer conservative remedy underwent instrumented, posterolateral fusion of affected segments. The affected person re-arrived with ache resulting from spinal stenosis in one other segments after four after which after three years. We repeatedly carried out spinal fusion of the affected segments and utilized an antiadhesive gel to the dural sac and the decompressed nerve roots to forestall the event of post-operative adhesions and the “failed again syndrome”. Final surgical answer included mobilisation of the concurrently constricted dural sac by way of laminectomy. This time we coated the sac utilizing a haemostat manufactured from oxidized cellulose (Traumacel FAM). After this remedy, the affected person was once more with out important difficulties.

PMID: 30216187 [PubMed – in process]

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