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The therapeutic management of chronic pain in ambulatory care patients aged 65 and over in France: the S.AGES Cohort. Baseline data.

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The therapeutic management of chronic pain in ambulatory care patients aged 65 and over in France: the S.AGES Cohort. Baseline data.

J Nutr Health Aging. 2013;17(8):681-6

Authors: Bertin P, Becquemont L, Corruble E, Derumeaux G, Falissard B, Hanon O, Pinget M, Forette F

OBJECTIVE: The main objective of the S.AGES (Elderly Subjects) cohort study is to describe the current therapeutic strategy for chronic pain in non-institutionalised elderly patients in France.
METHODS: In this prospective cohort study, non-institutionalised patients aged 65 years and over with chronic pain were recruited by general practitioners (GP) across France. All medicinal and non- medicinal prescriptions were recorded at inclusion and will be followed up over 3 years via an eCRF. Data recorded at baseline are presented in this paper.
RESULTS: Two hundred and sixty GPs enrolled 1379 evaluable patients between June 3rd, 2009 and June 3rd, 2011. Pain was mainly of a mechanical nature, due to osteoarthritis or common back pain. 80% of the patients had moderate or severe pain. More than a third of patients were treated with a step 1 analgesic (mainly paracetamol), and approximately 30% received a step 2 analgesic (23% dextropropoxyphene and 40.3% tramadol/paracetamol combination). Only 3% received step 3 analgesics; this rate remained low even in patients with severe pain. The proportion of patients treated with an antiepileptic was higher in case of neuropathic pain. More than 25% of patients did not receive any analgesic medication.
CONCLUSION: The baseline S.AGES study results exhibit a well-balanced therapeutic management of chronic pain by GPs for ambulatory elderly patients. NCT01065909.

PMID: 24097022 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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