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The lumbar epidural space in patients examined with epiduroscopy.


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The lumbar epidural space in patients examined with epiduroscopy.

Anesth Analg. 1989 Feb;68(2):157-60

Authors: Blomberg RG, Olsson SS

Percutaneous epiduroscopy was performed in 10 patients with the aim of comparing the lumbar epidural space of the patients with the findings made earlier in autopsy subjects. The patients were scheduled for partial laminectomy for a herniated lumbar disc. A complete examination was possible in eight subjects. The extent of view was very limited. The epidural space opened up only temporarily as air was injected. The dura mater lay very close to the dorsal aspect of the epidural space and was attached to the flaval ligaments by a dorsomedian connective tissue band. The band was identified in all eight subjects and was found to cause a dorsal fold in the dura mater. An epidural catheter was introduced 2-5 cm into the space by midline puncture in four patients and by the paramedian approach in the other four. The catheter was visualized in two patients only when the paramedian approach was used. None of the midline catheters could be seen in the space. In 2 of the 10 subjects a moderate bleeding impaired the view and made complete examination impossible. Smaller bleeding occurred in three other subjects. The partial laminectomy performed one to two interspaces caudad to the level of endoscopy did not reveal any evidence of epidural bleeding in any subject. The postoperative course of all patients was uneventful.

PMID: 2913849 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE] [ad_2]

The lumbar epidural space in patients examined with epiduroscopy | Harley street spine clinic

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Consultant Spine Surgeon
Consultant Spine Surgeon
The lumbar epidural space in patients examined with epiduroscopy.
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