Our mission is to provide patients with a one-stop service for all spinal conditions. We have a passion for spines and make sure that you have an accurate diagnosis and comprehensive treatment plan based on the most conservative treatment options.

The London Spine Unit specialises in the rapid diagnosis and treatment of all spinal disorders.

We have a proven track record and are able to avoid surgery for over 90% of patients. We have found that targeted non-invasive pain management procedures can often allow the body to heal while the pain and inflammation are controlled. We have managed to successfully treat spinal conditions without resorting to spinal surgery even when spinal surgery was recommended by others.

In our experience, a targeted approach to reduce inflammation, repair damage, reinforce stability and strengthen spinal structures can lead to healing thereby eliminating the need for major spinal surgery. However, we also undertake major surgery if required to do so.

Our specialists are Internationally renowned specialist consultants, who will  provide you the most effective, tailor made solutions for your problem.We have over 20 years of experience in spinal surgery and can deal with all spinal problems.

Due to our success in providing highly effective solutions focused on patient needs, we are used by a number of large insurance companies as an official second opinion service.

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