[A silent-growing and fast-killing melanoma in a teenager].

By London Spine
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[A silent-growing and fast-killing melanoma in a teenager].

Ann Pathol. 2012 Aug;32(4):254-8

Authors: Uguen A, Talagas M, Quintin-Roué I, Abasq C, Coat C, Charles-Pétillon F, De Braekeleer M, Marcorelles P

Malignant melanoma is a relatively rare but potentially aggressive tumor in children and adolescents. We report the case of a metastatic malignant melanoma in a 17-year-old girl, first diagnosed on cytological features of a fine-needle lymph node aspiration and then histologically confirmed by both examination of the metastatic adenopathy and a clinically harmless skin lesion of the scalp, which harbored focal microscopic pattern of melanoma. A fluorescent in situ hybridization study revealed that both metastatic and primary cutaneous tumours contained the same and pejorative chromosomal aberration consisting in CCND1 amplification (11q13). This observation raises actual limits and challenges in the fields of diagnosis and treatment of fast-killing melanomas.

PMID: 23010398 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]