[Diagnostic possibilities of multilayer computer tomography in blunt abdominal trauma].

By London Spine

[Diagnostic possibilities of multilayer computer tomography in blunt abdominal trauma].

Georgian Med News. 2011 Feb;(191):12-8

Authors: Nemsadze GSh, Urushadze OP, Tokhadze LT, Kipshidze NN

The purpose of our study was to determine MDCT diagnostic possibility in blunt abdominal trauma. Our work was based on MDCT results of 84 blunt abdominal trauma patients with stable hemodynamic status (28 (33.3%) female and 56 (66.6%) male). Age ranges from 17 up to 64 years. The CT scan showed obvious organ and system injuries in 82 poly-trauma patients. Injuries of craniocerebral region, also of facial bones, chest and spine were determined in two patients; in one of which, however, it was not possible to differentiate subcapsular spleen hematoma accurately because of left upper joint metallic holder artifacts. In second patient the liver injury was accurately diagnosed, but there were visualization problems caused by the massive retroperitoneal hematoma from right adrenal gland injury. The investigation showed that sensitivity of CT scan data was 98%, specificity-97% and accuracy rate-98%. All above mentioned clearly states the importance of MDCT in the emergency department. MDCT ensures precise diagnosis in maximally short period of time and thereby helps to choose proper treatment and decreases post-traumatic complications.

PMID: 21436472 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]