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Surgical Administration of Lumbosacral Large Invasive Spinal Schwannoma: A Case Report and Literature Evaluation.

Surgical Administration of Lumbosacral Large Invasive Spinal Schwannoma: A Case Report and Literature Evaluation.

World Neurosurg. 2018 Mar 03;:

Authors: Paulo D, Semonche A, Tyagi R

BACKGROUND: Large invasive spinal schwannomas (GISS) comprise a uncommon, particular subtype of schwannomas that stretch over two spinal ranges, erode vertebral our bodies and invade extraspinal tissues. Optimum surgical administration of ensuing spinal instability has but to be decided, and total there’s restricted printed literature on GISS. We report an revolutionary technique used to deal with a uncommon case of lumbosacral GISS utilizing a triangular body reconstruction to reconnect the spinal column to the pelvis after tumor debulking. This technique of utilizing femur allograft in lieu of steel rods can promote stronger bony fusion of the assemble.
CASE DESCRIPTION: A 19-year-old feminine offered with worsening decrease again ache that was as a result of an enormous invasive spinal schwannoma that invaded the L4-S1 vertebral our bodies and prolonged intrathecally from T10-S2, compromising the soundness of her backbone. The first resection of the tumor was accomplished in three phases and was adopted by a multilevel fusion involving a triangular assemble made from femur allograft to reconnect the unstable spinal column with the pelvis. Maximal resection of the tumor was achieved with early rehabilitation. Pseudoarthrosis occurred, which was efficiently fused after revision with the addition of an implanted bone stimulator. Seven years later, she stays in steady neurological situation.
CONCLUSION: We suggest the usage of femur allograft in triangular body constructs for lumbosacral GISS to foster extra steady, physiologic spino-pelvic fusion.

PMID: 29510280 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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