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Surgeon signs, pressure, and choices: Systematic assessment and meta-analysis of surgical ergonomics.

Surgeon signs, pressure, and choices: Systematic assessment and meta-analysis of surgical ergonomics.

Ann Med Surg (Lond). 2018 Mar;27:1-Eight

Authors: Stucky CH, Cromwell KD, Voss RK, Chiang YJ, Woodman Okay, Lee JE, Cormier JN

Background: Many surgeons expertise work-related ache and musculoskeletal signs; nevertheless, complete reporting of surgeon illnesses is missing within the literature. We sought to judge surgeons’ work-related signs, potential causes of those signs, and to report outcomes related to these signs.
Supplies and strategies: 5 main medical indices have been queried for articles printed between 1980 and 2014. Included articles evaluated musculoskeletal signs and ergonomic outcomes in surgeons. A meta-analysis utilizing a fixed-effect mannequin was used to report pooled outcomes.
Outcomes: Forty articles with 5152 surveyed surgeons have been included. Sixty-eight p.c of surgeons surveyed reported generalized ache. Web site-specific ache included ache within the again (50%), neck (48%), and arm or shoulder (43%). Fatigue was reported by 71% of surgeons, numbness by 37%, and stiffness by 45%. In contrast with surgeons performing open surgical procedure, surgeons performing minimally invasive surgical procedure (MIS) have been considerably extra more likely to expertise ache within the neck (OR 2.77 [95% CI 1.30-5.93]), arm or shoulder (OR four.59 [2.19-9.61]), palms (OR 2.99 [1.33-6.71], and legs (OR 12.34 [5.43-28.06]) and expertise greater odds of fatigue (Eight.09 [5.60-11.70]) and numbness (6.82 [1.75-26.65]). Working exacerbated ache in 61% of surgeons, however solely 29% sought therapy for his or her signs. We discovered no direct affiliation between muscle tissue strained and signs.
Conclusions: Most surgeons report work-related signs however are unlikely to hunt medical consideration. MIS surgeons are considerably extra more likely to expertise musculoskeletal signs than surgeons performing open surgical procedure. Signs skilled don’t essentially correlate with pressure.

PMID: 29511535 [PubMed]

Surgeon signs, pressure, and choices Systematic assessment and meta-analysis of surgical ergonomics | Disc replacement surgery - london pain clinic

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