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Successful lumbar discectomy surgery

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Love this man and his team

I was under a different consultant in a hospital near where i live. He had given me codeine and gebapentin as pain relief which did nothing and then he did an injection which didn’t work and i was awake because he refused to use sedation. Luckily he referred me to Akmal only because he didn’t know how next to proceed and thank goodness he did!

Mr Akmal convinced me to do the injection again. I was crying because the first one hadn’t worked and i was in agony. But i was sedated and they worked for a week but went back to normal. I was instantly happy that he had helped me even if it was small improvement. He also gave me much better pain killer that finally stopped the constipation and eased the pain a little. Why hadn’t i had it through my first consultant??

The next step for me was keyhole lumbar discetomy. I had total faith that he would do a great job as he had my best interests at heart and was great in surgery. And he did do a great job. He said i had a very large bulge and he doesn’t know how i coped with it so well. I am now sat here in the clinic for my follow up after a successful surgery.

His team is also lovely and professional. The only setback was Akmal lost my first MRI scan from my first consultant and i wasn’t fully briefed on pre admission procedures by the nurse. Hence the 4 star.

But all in all all a great experience.


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