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4 simple steps to SOLVING YOUR BACK PAIN



We aim to give you an appointment without any delay. We have daily slots and will work around the most suitable times for you.



The Consultation

You will be seen by one of our Consultant Spine Surgeons. A full history of your condition and an examination will be undertaken. A neurological assessment is included. 

Our consultant will explain your condition and the likely causes. All relevant scans and xrays will also be checked and explained in clear terms. 

Our consultants are all NHS consultant spine surgeons who can offer a full variety of treatments ranging from physical therapy, pain management treatments such as injections, ozone, laser , stem cells etc to major spinal surgery.




An MRI scan is the most accurate way of visualising any spinal condition. It is far better than an XRAY or CT scan in seeing the nerves, discs, muscles and other structures that cause spinal problems.

Our specialists can offer you an open MRI scan if you are claustrophobic.



Our consultant will review your MRI scan immediately with any other results and give you a comprehensive diagnosis with treatment options. We specialise in spinal problems and can undertake any spinal treatment that is currently available in the world.

We focus on least invasive treatments and over 90% of our patients are treated without open surgery.

You will be sent a specialist report on your condition and a radiologists report on your MRI scan.