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Spinal tumours


Tumors that affect the spine may occur either locally from the structures of the spine, (primary tumors) or they span to the spine from any where in the body. When the tumors are found away from the actual cancerous growth, these tumors are called secondary or metastatic tumours. The main reasons as to why tumors occur are not so far recognized with any certainty. It is also not clear why few tumors are benign and others malignant in nature. Unlike lung cancer, in which there is a strong connection with smoking, it is not convincible to locate clear risk factors for the growth of spinal tumors.


Any section of the spine can be affected by tumours. Bone tumors are the most common type and these are usually secondary deposits from tumors starting elsewhere in the body. Tumors can take place in the spinal canal, outside the dura (membrane), enveloping the spinal canal and nerve roots (extradural and epidural). They can be within the dura (intradural), and very rarely they may occur inside the spinal cord (intramedullary).


Before you start the treatment for spinal tumors, a biopsy may be essential to decide on the best treatment. A biopsy will identify the nature of the tumour and its likely progression.


There are three main treatments:


  • Surgical treatment


  • Radiotherapy


  • Chemotherapy


Non-invasive treatments include:


  • Painkillers


  • Physiotherapy


  • Occupational therapy


  • Bladder and bowel management


  • Social services


  • Skincare


Tumours do not necessarily need any treatment; it is when they compromise the health or integrity of the surrounding tissue or structures that will determine whether intervention is required.

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