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Spinal stenosis

Spinal stenosis consists of narrowing the spinal canal in a specific segment. As a consequence, this decreases the space available for the marrow and spinal root.


What is the cause?

It is usually due to the invasion of the medullary canal by the deformation of the bones that form the facet joint. In addition, in some people, the channel is narrower than normal, which facilitates the compression of nerve structures. The narrowness of the channel does not matter if that compression does not occur.

Spinal stenosis


If no nerve structure is compressed, the narrowing of the spinal canal causes no pain or any problem.

If there is compression, you may NOT notice pain if you are flexed forward, for instance, when sitting. However, when walking a pain appears in the legs, and not in the area of ​​the spine, which increases until forced to sit again.


It is advisable to apply conservative treatment during the first 3-6 months. In the early stages, the pain may appear by vascular and inflammatory mechanisms, and not by direct compression of the bone. These mechanisms can improve with non-surgical treatment. 

Specialists indicate drugs (anti-inflammatory and anti-epileptic), exercises, and epidural corticosteroid infiltrations.

When conservative treatment fails, it is assumed that the pain is no longer due to an inflammatory mechanism, but to the stenosis itself. In these cases, we offer other advanced solutions and sometimes surgery is more effective than prolonging it longer.

At the London Spine Unit, The Harley Street Hospital, we specialise in Lumbar Spine Stenosis treatment using advance Day Surgery techniques and have some of the best specialists to diagnose and treat spinal stenosis. Book an appointment to get a check up.

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