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Risk factors of low back pain among the Chinese occupational population: a case-control study.

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Risk factors of low back pain among the Chinese occupational population: a case-control study.

Biomed Environ Sci. 2012 Aug;25(4):421-9

Authors: Li JY, Wang S, He LH, Wu SS, Yang L, Yu SF, Li LP, Wang JX, Huang YD

OBJECTIVE: To explore the risk factors of low back pain among the Chinese occupational population in several major industries.
METHODS: A total of 7200 subjects (3600 cases and 3600 controls) were randomly sampled from a cross-sectional study, and they were investigated for individual and occupational factors of low back pain. The potential risk factors were first selected by using chi-square tests. Secondly, collinearity diagnosis proceeded by using the Kendall’s rank correlation. Finally, binary logistic regression model was used for multi-factor analysis.
RESULTS: Collinearity diagnosis showed that there was a severe collinearity problem among the potential risk factors of low back pain. Logistic regression model included 20 variables with statistical significance. Bending neck forward or holding neck in a forward posture for long periods (OR=1.408) was the most important risk factor inducing low back pain in this study, followed by bending heavily with the trunk (OR=1.402), carrying out identical work almost for the whole day (OR=1.340). Additionally, sufficient normal break was a protective factor of low back pain.
CONCLUSION: Low back pain among the Chinese occupational population was associated with body height, occupation, work organization, physical work, working posture, and others. All these risk factors could be regarded as the indicators of low back pain, and some relevant preventive measures should be taken to reduce low back pain risk.

PMID: 23026522 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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