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Major Intracranial Germinomas: Retrospective Evaluation of 5 Instances.

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Major Intracranial Germinomas: Retrospective Evaluation of 5 Instances.

Turk Neurosurg. 2018;28(1):29-35

Authors: Abdallah A, Asilturk M, Uysal ML, Emel E, Abdallah BG, Bilgic B, Gundogdu G

AIM: Major intracranial germinomas (PIGs) are uncommon malignant mind tumors that characterize roughly zero.2% to 1.7% of all main intracranial tumors. PIGs have rare, however there’s a chance of spinal wire metastases. On this examine, scientific outcomes of 5 consecutive PIGs have been introduced.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: Medical data had been retrospectively reviewed in 1,849 instances of intracranial tumors who underwent surgical procedure between the years 2005 and 2015 and instances confirmed as germinoma histopathologically had been included on this examine.

RESULTS: 5 instances of PIGs had been detected in two feminine (40%) and three male (60%) sufferers. The imply age was 15.2±5.6 (Eight-23) years. The imply follow-up interval was 52.three±56.four (9-135) months. The commonest grievance was headache (60%), adopted by nausea±vomiting (40%). 4 instances (80%) affected the suprasellar area whereas the fifth affected person”s tumor was localized within the pineal area. The length between the preliminary symptom and time of surgical intervention ranged between 15 days and a couple of months. Twelve months after the primary operation, one affected person introduced with drop seeding metastasis. 4-year survival (with exception of the case that died as a early surgical complication) was 100%. Gross complete resection (GTR) was achieved in a single affected person. Surgical mortality price was 20%. PIGs” morbidity price was 60%.

CONCLUSION: PIG is a principally malignant tumor that typically impacts the pediatric age group. They’re radiosensitive tumors. Subtotal or near-total resection utilizing stereotactic information or direct surgical procedure to verify the histopathological prognosis adopted by chemotherapy and complete mind or in some instances craniospinal radiotherapy somewhat than GTR is due to this fact the remedy of alternative.

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Major Intracranial Germinomas Retrospective Evaluation of 5 Instances | Nerve specialist london

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