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Primary dural repair in minimally invasive spine surgery.

Primary dural repair in minimally invasive spine surgery.

Case Rep Med. 2013;2013:876351

Authors: Haque RM, Hashmi SZ, Ahmed Y, Uddin O, Ogden AT, Fessler R

We describe an effective surgical technique in primary repair of the spinal dura during minimally invasive spine surgery (MISS). Objective. Minimally invasive spine surgery includes the treatment of intradural lesions, and proper closure of the dura is necessary. However, primary dural closure can be difficult due to the restricted space of MIS retractors and the availability of appropriate surgical instrumentation. Methods. We describe the use of a needle already used in the pediatric neurosurgical arena that can facilitate easier and safer closure of spinal dura through MISS retractors in two illustrative intradural cases. Results and Discussion. The primary dural closure technique is described and patient demographics are included. The instruments specifically used for the intradural closure through MIS retractor systems include (1) 4-0 Surgilon braided nylon (Covidien, Dublin, Ireland) with a CV-20 taper 1/2 circle, 10?mm diameter needle; (2) Scanlan (Saint Paul, MN, USA) dura closure set. Conclusion. Successful primary dural repair can be performed on primary and incidental durotomies during minimally invasive spinal surgery. We describe the novel use of a 10?mm diameter needle to help surgeons safely and efficiently close the dura with more ease than previously described.

PMID: 23818906 [PubMed – in process]

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