Where chronic back pain is experienced, spinal injections ie Caudal epidural nerve root blocks facet joint injections radiofrequency denervation, may be used to diagnose the cause of the pain as well as treat it. If an injection provides pain relief it is likely that the particular area is the source of the problem but injections also provide temporary relief from pain.

A local anaesthetic called lidocaine is injected into a specific area of the spine, the effects of which wear off within two hours, or Bupivaaine may be used as is lasts longer, providing the patient more relief from pain,

Cortisone is a strong anti-inflammatory steroid medication which is often injected as well as a local anaesthetic in order to reduce inflammation in the affected areas. It may not begin working for several days following the injection but its effects can last for months.

Patients with disc prolapse are offered early injection treatments to eradicate sciatica and back pain. All spinal injections are all performed under sedation and fluoroscopy to ensure accuracy and minimal discomfort. Patients failing to respond to injections undergo keyhole surgery to remove the prolapsed disc

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Caudal epidural nerve root blocks facet joint injections radiofrequency denervation