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Painkilling effect of ozone-oxygen injection on spine and joint osteoarthritis

OBJECTIVE: To analyze the painkilling effect of ozone-oxygen injection on joint and spine osteoarthritis. METHODS: This prospective study was completed at the Ozone Clinic, Rashid Hospital, Dubai, United Arab Emirates on 220 mainly local patients 122 women, mean age 47.05 years; 98 men, mean age 52.8 years with radiographic documented spine or extremities osteoarthritis. The patients were treated over 3 years September 2002 to August 2005 by ozone-oxygen injection twice a week for at least 12 sessions. Using the 6 faces pain scale; the patients’ pain was recorded at the beginning and at the 4th, 8th, and 12th sessions. They were followed for a mean of 8.48 months and their pain scale was recorded at that time too. RESULTS: Comparison of the patients’ 1st day pains with their 4th, 8th, and 12th sessions’ pains showed a significant decrease 1st day to 4th session p=0.005, 1st day to 8th week p=0.005, 1st day to 12th session p=0.0043. Comparison of the 1st day pain with the final follow-up pain, which was around 10 months from the first treatment, showed a meaningful decrease of pain p=0.0048. CONCLUSION: This study validates the painkilling effect of ozone-oxygen injection on osteoarthritis of the joints and spine. Its long term effect on pain advocates the likelihood of some histological changes as mechanism of its action

Painkilling effect of ozone-oxygen injection on spine and joint osteoarthritis | Back consultant

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