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One-stage Posterior Method within the Remedy of Consecutive Multi-segment Thoracic Tuberculosis with Kyphosis.

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One-stage Posterior Method within the Remedy of Consecutive Multi-segment Thoracic Tuberculosis with Kyphosis.

Turk Neurosurg. 2018;28(three):439-446

Authors: Zhong N, Kong J, Solar Z, Qian M, Liu T, Xiao J

AIM: To judge the scientific efficacy of the one-stage posterior method in treating consecutive multiple-segment thoracic tuberculosis with kyphosis.
MATERIAL AND METHODS: A retrospective research was carried out. The information of 22 sufferers with consecutive multi-level thoracic tuberculosis and kyphosis who underwent the one-stage posterior method of debridement, bone grafting, drainage and pedicle screws fixation have been collected. The kyphotic angle was 61.6°±three.1° pre-operatively. The neurologic standing primarily based on American Spinal Damage Affiliation (ASIA) scoring was A in 5 circumstances, B in four circumstances, C in 9 circumstances, D in three circumstances and E in 1 case.
RESULTS: The typical follow-up interval was 43.four± months. The kyphotic angle was 19.eight°±zero.7° after operation (p < zero.01), and 21.9°±1.2° on the final go to (p < zero.01). No neurological deterioration was noticed in any sufferers after surgical procedure. A big distinction in ASIA rating was detected when the state earlier than the operation and on the final go to was in contrast (p < zero.01). There was no recurrent paravertebral abscess of thoracic tuberculosis in any of those circumstances.
CONCLUSION: The one-stage posterior method of debridement and drainage is a possible surgical choice for consecutive multisegment thoracic tuberculosis with kyphosis. It may obtain debridement, decompression, and stabilization concurrently.

PMID: 28346633 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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