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[Neuronal glycolipids regulate glial cell division negatively during development and following a lesion].

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[Neuronal glycolipids regulate glial cell division negatively during development and following a lesion].

Rev Neurol. 2017 Jun 16;64(12):549-567

Authors: Nieto-Sampedro M, Muneton-Gomez VC

Glial cells within the central nervous system of grownup mammals outnumber neurons 10-fold. Their quantity stays stationary all through maturity, managed by the concomitant presence of mitogens and mitogen inhibitors. Essentially the most ample inhibitor, neurostatin, is ganglioside GD1b O-acetylated on hydroxyl 9 of its outermost sialic acid. Neurostatin inhibited the proliferation of major microglia and astroblasts in tradition (cytostatic) in addition to each rodent and human glioma cells (cytotoxic) at nanomolar concentrations. At these concentrations neurostatin had no impact on non-glial lineage cells or differentiated glia. Neurostatin exhibits direct antimitotic exercise on tumoral cells, interfering with a number of indicators regulating cell cycle development. Nevertheless it additionally promotes not directly complete destruction of experimental rat mind glioma, presumably by making it seen to the host immune system and activating CD4+ and CD8+ lymphocytes. Neurostatin could possibly be a brand new anti-inflammatory agent, with a number of convergent direct and oblique actions on glioma development, a pathology with out passable medical therapy. Neurostatin is produced by neurons however its expression is up-regulated by neuron-astrocyte contact. The motion of neurostatin could possibly be mediated by plenty of receptor proteins, together with integrins, Toll-like receptors and siglecs.

PMID: 28608355 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

Neuronal glycolipids regulate glial cell division negatively during development and following a lesion | London pain clinic harley street

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