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MRI Traits of Major Tumors and Metastatic Lesions in Molecular Subgroups of Pediatric Medulloblastoma: A Single-Heart Research.

MRI Traits of Major Tumors and Metastatic Lesions in Molecular Subgroups of Pediatric Medulloblastoma: A Single-Heart Research.

AJNR Am J Neuroradiol. 2018 Mar 15;:

Authors: Mata-Mbemba D, Zapotocky M, Laughlin S, Taylor MD, Ramaswamy V, Raybaud C

BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Molecular grouping of medulloblastoma correlates with prognosis and helps the therapeutic technique. We offer our expertise with the imaging options of major and metastatic illness in relation to the molecular teams.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: 100 nineteen consecutive sufferers (imply age, 7.three ± three.eight years at analysis; male, 79 [66.4%]) with a confirmed analysis of medulloblastoma and interpretable pretreatment MRIs have been retrieved from our information base from January 2000 to December 2016. Every affected person was assigned to wingless, sonic hedgehog, group three, or group four molecular teams. Then, we decided the imaging options of each major and metastatic/recurrent illness predictive of molecular teams.
RESULTS: Along with lately reported predictors based mostly on major tumor, together with cerebellar peripheral location for sonic hedgehog (adjusted odds ratio = 9, P < .0001), minimal enhancement of major group four tumor (adjusted odds ratio = 5.2, P < .0001), and cerebellopontine angle location for wingless (adjusted odds ratio = 1.four, P = .03), ependymal metastasis with diffusion restriction and minimal postcontrast enhancement (“mismatching sample”) (adjusted odds ratio = 2.eight, P = .001) for group four and spinal metastasis for group three (adjusted odds ratio = 1.9, P = .01) additionally emerged as unbiased predictors of medulloblastoma molecular teams. Particularly, the presence of a metastasis within the third ventricular infundibular recess displaying a mismatching sample was considerably related to group four (P = .02).
CONCLUSIONS: Along with imaging options of major tumors, some imaging patterns of metastatic dissemination in medulloblastoma appear attribute, even perhaps particular to sure teams. This discovering may additional assist in differentiating molecular teams, particularly teams three and four, when the traits of the first tumor overlap.

PMID: 29545246 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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