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Modification of calcium phosphate cement with poly (gamma-glutamic acid) and its strontium salt for kyphoplasty application

To meet the requirements of minimally invasive surgical treatments for osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture, various strategies have been proposed to enhance the properties of calcium phosphate cement (CPC). Here, a new strategy was developed by incorporating poly (gamma-glutamic acid) (gamma-PGA) and its strontium salt into the formulation of alpha tricalcium phosphate (alpha-TCP)-based CPC. Effects of gamma-PGA on the injectability, cohesion, setting times, mechanical compressive strengths and cytocompatibility were systematically studied. Results showed that the injectability, cohesion and setting times were considerably improved by introducing gamma-PGA into the CPC. Moreover, after setting for 7days, the compressive strengths increased from 14.6+/-1.4MPa for pure CPC to 35.3+/-1.7MPa for CPC with 8.9wt% gamma-PGA and further to 61.2+/-5.4MPa for CPC with 8.9wt% gamma-PGA combined with its strontium salt. In vitro osteoblast proliferation tests showed that the group of CPC modified by gamma-PGA and its strontium salt had better cytocompatibility than the pure CPC group. All results suggest that optimal properties were obtained for the cement with 8.9wt% gamma-PGA added to its solid phases and using strontium salt as the reactive liquid phase, making it as a promising candidate for application in kyphoplasty

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