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Minimally invasive resection of extradural dumbbell tumors of thoracic backbone: surgical methods and literature overview.

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Minimally invasive resection of extradural dumbbell tumors of thoracic backbone: surgical methods and literature overview.

Eur Backbone J. 2016 Dec;25(12):4108-4115

Authors: Li C, Ye Y, Gu Y, Dong J

PURPOSE: Dumbbell-shaped thoracic tumors signify a definite sort of tumor and contain in each the spinal canal and the posterior thoracic cavity. Profitable therapy for the tumors will depend on gross whole resection (GTR) by way of an open laminectomy and facetectomy or transthoracic transpleural method. On this case collection, we report our experiments with minimally invasive technique for the elimination of extradural dumbbell thoracic tumor and current associated literature overview.
METHODS: We retrospectively reviewed two sufferers with dumbbell-shaped thoracic tumors who underwent minimally invasive resection and unilateral transforaminal thoracic intervertebral fusion (TTIF) by means of unilateral paraspinal muscle approachwith a highlight expandable tubular retractor. Scientific knowledge, tumor traits, and outcomes had been analyzed.
RESULTS: Two sufferers underwent profitable minimally invasive therapy of their spinal neoplasms. There have been no procedure-related issues. The efficacy when it comes to neurological restoration, ache enchancment and operative variables (size of incision, operative period, blood loss, and hospital keep) was higher in comparison with prior printed research. Postoperative CT picture demonstrated full resection of dumbbell tumor within the sufferers. The strong fusion was obtained after three months follow-up and there was no failure of inside fixation.
CONCLUSION: If the medial border of intracanal part of extradural dumbbell tumor is close to the midline of canal and the pedicles of adjoining vertebrae to tumor are intact, minimally invasive resection of tumor by means of unilateral paraspinal muscle method mixed with unilateral TTIF is sweet selection.

PMID: 27371333 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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