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Magnetic resonance imaging changes of intervertebral discs after kyphoplasty.

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Magnetic resonance imaging changes of intervertebral discs after kyphoplasty.

Eur Spine J. 2015 Apr;24(4):724-33

Authors: König MA, Panzer S, Schulz J, Bierschneider M, Boszczyk BM

BACKGROUND: Minimal-invasive cement augmentation techniques gained popularity recently. Long-term studies, however, are still not available focusing on the effect of possible acceleration of intervertebral disc degeneration.
MATERIALS AND METHODS: Fifteen patients (average age 67.1 ± 6.9 years, range 58-77; 10 female, 5 male) with acute or osteoporotic fractures were included in this study and MRI scans were performed before surgery and after a mean follow-up period of 15.2 months (range 8-27 months). Out of these patients, seven were available for a long-term MRI scan after a mean of 94.3 months (range 84-96 months). Disc degeneration and injuries were graded according to published Pfirrmann and Oner scales.
RESULTS: A total of 43 intervertebral discs with moderate initial degeneration were examined pre-operatively and at the first follow-up. Twenty were available for the long-term-follow-up. At the first follow-up, 3 (1.3 %) discs showed a degenerative progression of 1 grade compared to the pre-operative MRI. Only one injured and one uninjured disc (0.4 %) showed progressive degeneration of 1 grade in the long-term follow up. No intervertebral disc in-between bisegmental cement augmentation showed acceleration of degenerative changes.
CONCLUSION: Despite several limitations regarding patients’ age and lack of performed perfusion MRI scans, this study suggests that vertebral cement augmentation through kyphoplasty has no significant influence on disc degeneration even after a long period. The absence of severe disc degeneration after vertebral augmentation supports further clinical trials, which should incorporate endplate perfusion studies for detailed information regarding disc perfusion.

PMID: 24664426 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

Magnetic resonance imaging changes of intervertebral discs after kyphoplasty | Spinal implant for pain management

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