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Cervical Disc replacement/fusion

Rated 5 out of 5

Over a number of years, I suffered from periods of deep intense pain in my arms, shoulders and neck. Despite regular sessions with an osteopath and deep muscle massage I found the frequency and severity increasing to the extent I started to have radiated pain in my face, sinuses.
I paid for a private MRI scan and consultation to be informed I had Stenosis of the Cervical vertebrae and there was little that could be done. If the pain became more ‘severe’ then a pain management clinic might be able to help…
Following a disappointed I contacted the London Spine unit for a second opinion and duly had another MRI and consultation with Mr Akmal.
Rarely have I experienced such genuine care and interest in my suffering. Mr Akmal diagnosed in detail the problems with my cervical spine and showed me clearly the MRI scan showing the collapsed disc and where it was bulging causing a distortion on my spine.
He laid out the various options for treatment, explaining carefully the pro’s and con’s for each option.
The decision of which treatment to undertake while left to me and I duly elected for surgery to replace the disc.
All the staff were genuinely friendly, caring, and compassionate. I was kept fully informed at all times as to what was occurring
The week following my surgery I was contacted every day to check on my status and ensure no issues had arisen.
The surgery was a total success and I felt immediate relief from pain with some 3 weeks later virtually full resolution of all my issues as the nerves settled.
My experience has validated my belief the Mr Akmal is not only at the top of his profession but has the rare qualities of genuine compassion in his patients.

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Paul Morley

Fantastic experience at Harley Street Hospital

Rated 5 out of 5

I was referred to Mr. Akmal following continued spinal issues. I had previously had a fusion in my neck (C5/6) about 15 years ago and was now suffering again. Over more than 9 months, my level of pain and disability had increased to an unbearable level. I now live in Malta and the surgeons here could not help as the situation was too complex due to the previous operation. There were issue both above and below the original fusion. Mr. Akmal and the team at the London Spine Clinic were amazing and the level of care was very high. Following the initial consultations, The continual flow of information, both before and after the operation was superb. I felt very confident that I was in good hands. This was proved to be correct and Mr. Akmal performed a double operation in one process. He fitted a prosthetic disc above the original fusion and performed another fusion directly below. The operation was done in one day and the pain relief was immediate. The level of follow up support was second to none and the team were caring and attentive. Dr. Lok was very good and reassuring, being happy to see or talk to me whenever I needed. Some weeks later, any residual pain is just about gone, and I am back to living a normal life again. I have nothing but praise and gratitude for Mr. Akmal and his team and would definitely recommend them to anyone who is in need of spinal care. Thank you!

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Robert John Foster

Highly recommended. Mr. Mo Akmal is an amazing surgeon

Rated 5 out of 5

I would give 5 stars and highly recommend Mr. Mo Akmal of the London Spine Unit at Harley Street. Mr Akmal is an amazing surgeon who really took time to understand my symptoms and gave sensible advice to help me. I wish I had found him years ago but I’m so pleased that he is here, if I ever need him again.
At the consultation, he took time to go over the diagnosis clearly and we discussed the treatments options carefully. The surgery itself went smoothly. I was really impressed that they could do such complicated surgery as a day case. My anaesthetic was great as I felt no nausea or pain at all afterwards. I was called the day after the surgery to make sure everything was ok.
Overall, my experience was wonderful and reassuring from start to finish but most importantly, I am very grateful to Mr Akmal for his expertise in giving me some quality of life back. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his surgical team.

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Alice Hudson-Peacock