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PLDD Laser Cervical Spine Surgery by Mr Mo Akmal MD FRCS

5.0 rating

I suffered severe back and neck pain for 10 years. i visited copious amounts of “specialists” none of whom could help. I finally asked my GP to get me an MRI scan (because i don’t believe you can diagnose a problem without imaging) to which my GP refused and said i am not “priority”. I have some friends who are doctors and i asked them “who is the best spinal surgeon in the country?”. Everyone including other surgeons themselves say Mr Mo Akmal is the best of the best. The professionalism is 1st class. Instantly from the imaging he explained the C5 disc is bulging. He recommended I have a percutaneous laser discectomy decompression in conjunction with an epidural steroid injection. From the second I woke up from the procedure I’ve been pain free. All the pulling and aching in the right side of my back has gone completely. 1st class experience. From the reception staff to the nurses and the environment was exceptional. I am forever grateful for the care i received.

Seb Marshall

Response from London Spine Unit | UK's Best Spinal Clinic | Harley Street

Many thanks for the kind review. Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression for the cervical spine is an advanced technique recently developed and most specialists in the UK are not familiar with this procedure. We are delighted it has worked well for you as it has for most of our other patients. Best wishes for a continuing strong recovery. Best wishes from all at the London Spine Unit.

Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression with Mo Akmal

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I have had severe lower back pain for a period of about 18 months which has very much restricted by ability to walk anything other than short distances. As a previously very active person this has been a major restriction on my lifestyle. Over this period prior to seeing Mr Akmal i had seen or received treatment from 3 other orthopedic surgeons. I of whom said nothing could be done and another who recommended major open surgery which included replacing the disc and locking two discs together. In my view and the view of the other consultants whilst the open surgery suggested might help the problem very short term, it would most probably put more strain on the other discs causing greater damage long term. In addition i was keen to avoid further major surgery at my age (76).
Happily I found Mo Akmal, who takes a very cautious approach wishing to avoid major surgery, with all his treatments done in day care and generally under sedation rather than general anaesthetic.
Initially he recommended targeted steroid injections, with the objectives of both diagnosis and of permanent benefit. Whilst i have had steroid injections in the past the relief if any has been temporary only. In this case the benefit was immediate and lasting as I was able to walk much further than before the procedure without pain.
Mo Akmal then recommended a further procedure, Percutaneous Laser Disc Decompression which is designed to dry up and shrink the disc reducing the impingement on the nerve, This took place together with further steroid injection in late September and i am very happy to say that the improvement has been remarkable. Whilst it is still early days, I am now able to walk 35 miles or so a week at least without any pain at the time or after. All nerve pain has disappeared and I have been able to stop completely all NSAIDs ( I was taking probably around 8 -10 a week previously).
Mo has a delightful manner and at the same time is honest and straight forward. He and his team are highly professional and friendly.
The whole procedure took about half an hour and I was out of the building half an hour later.

John Thornton

Response from London Spine Unit | UK's Best Spinal Clinic | Harley Street

Dear Mr Thornton, Thank you for the kind review. We are delighted to hear that the procedure has been successful for you. Our passion is to deliver the least invasive and most effective treatments that allow rapid and safe recovery. We are always available to support our patients and best regards from the entire team at The London Spine Unit.

Cervical Bulging Disc

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Cervical bulging disc
I visited Mr Akmal with severe cervical radiculopathy and muscle loss due to a bulging cervical disk. I was unable to pick my children up, work full days or participate in any sports. I had exhausted all other avenues of treatment and had reservations about visiting a surgeon.
Mr Akmal put my mind at ease straight away. He is extremely professional, an excellent communicator and clearly has a great passion and expertise for what he does.
I had an MRI and two consultations in one morning which was extremely convenient and well organised. Mr Akmal then clearly and concisely talked me through the cause of my cervical pain and possible solutions and outcomes of treatments. I felt no pressure to have any procedures carried out and in fact, Mr Akmal discouraged me from surgery straight away due to the possibility of natural recovery. At no point did I feel rushed and Mr Akmal gave me all the time I needed to ask questions. I opted for steroid injections to possibly speed/help this process along.
Unfortunately, the cervical disc was quite stubborn and I returned 6 weeks later to have a cervical laser discectomy procedure.
All of my procedures were carried out onsite at the Harley Street Hospital. The facility is world-class and every member of Mr Akmal’s team were outstanding from start to finish. You truly feel like you are in the best hands possible.
9 months on I am pain-free and have returned to normal life. I am eternally grateful for Mr Akmal’s skill and the manner in which he helped me navigate a horrible chapter in my life.
I cannot recommend Mr Akmal highly enough.

Ben OHara