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Rated 5 out of 5

Excellent team.mr Akmal dealt with me as an urgent case due to a large prolapse disc almost cornering the spine nerve l4/l5 with decompression and dynamic stability and spacer.the pain was so excruciating I literally couldn’t handle the pain and it was putting stress on my heart as well as my nervous system.It was a day case a miracle 1 day op that allowed me to get my life back.I’m walking but still have some pains due to muscle weakness in pelvis and ankle however just need walking as much as Poland some physio and hydro.10/10 mr Akmal was excellent to say the very least.

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Daniel Niell

L4/5 Lumbar decompression and dynamic stabilisation.

Rated 5 out of 5

After 4 years of pain and inability to walk far without sitting down to take pressure off my back and leg, Mr Mo Akmal carried out L4/5 decompression and dynamic Stabilisation.
The relief from the pain was immediate and I was able to walk up straight at last, pain free. The whole process was really easy and straightforward and I was able to leave the hospital the same day. The difference it has made to my life is amazing.
Mr Akmal and his team were professional, friendly and kind at every stage. I have no hesitation in recommending their services.

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Olivia James

Instant pain relief from an expert team

Rated 5 out of 5

I was suffering severe pain in my left leg; diagnosed by my GP as nerve related but no painkillers were having any real effect. Armed with an MRI, I saw Mr Akmal who said immediately that he knew what the problem was an recommended a surgical intervention as a guided cortisone injection would only provide temporary respite. The surgery recommended was the insertion of a small piece of titanium between the two vertebrae that were compressing the nerves going into my leg. I was advised that there were risks, although Mr Akmal’s experience was that these risk were minimal. Surgery was arranged for the following week. I visited the hospital the day before the date arranged for surgery to have a number of pre-admission tests and all were fine. I came back the following day at 08:00 and was shown to a glass pod and changed for surgery. A local anaesthetic and sedation were administered and I was unaware of anything until I woke up shortly after the procedure. Within three hours of surgery I was walking, albeit somewhat gingerly and my wife collected me by car at 18:15 that evening to take me home. The nursing staff were very caring and helpful. I had clear instructions of what I needed to do in the two weeks after discharge and then saw Mr Akmal and his colleague 15 days later who inspected the wound from the surgery and said that they were satisfied with how I was healing. I would also mention that I had a phone call at from either Mr Akmal or a colleague to check on how I was doing and inviting me to call if if I was worried about anything every day apart from one for the six days after surgery. More importantly, the relief from the extreme pain was instantaneous. I am walking with a better posture and have had minimal soreness from the procedure. Overall, I would say that my experience was exceptional. I felt well looked after by a team expert in the issue and have immediate and a significant improvement in the quality of my life. There is, as I was told there would be, some residual discomfort from the nerve, which I am sure was in trauma and from the relevant muscles but this improves every day

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David Marks

Response from London Spine Unit | UK's Best Spinal Clinic | Harley Street

Many thanks for the kind review David. Was a pleasure helping you get back to your normal self. We strive to make the patient journey as simple and effective as possible. It was great to see you doing so well. Best wishes from the whole team at The London Spine Unit.