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Minimally Invasive Or Keyhole Discectomy

Keyhole Spinal Surgery (keyhole discectomy)

Keyhole Spinal Surgery (keyhole discectomy) is a technique that involves a tiny incision through which surgery is performed using specialised instruments. The operation is minimally invasive and patients are discharged within a couple of hours after the procedure.

Our specialists are highly trained in these procedures and will give you the best options. We are able to treat 95% of conditions with keyhole surgery and will give you a full explanation of your condition treatment options.

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Disc problems with your spine can come from poor posture, repeated minor injuries from lifting or turning. They can also be a result of major trauma or disease. Overweight people are susceptible as the extra weight puts more pressure on the spine. The discs can lose some of their protective coating and content which may make them more susceptible to slipping out of position as we grow older. Sometimes disc problems are genetic and run in families.


The most common symptom is lower back pain which causes problems straightening your back. Numbness can be felt in the shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs and feet with pain also in the neck. Sciatica will cause pain in the buttocks, hips or legs.


A physical examination will test posture, reflexes, muscle strength and sensation in your arms and legs. A GP may ask you to slowly raise your legs from a lying flat or sitting position to stretch the nerves in the spine to reveal the site and levels of pain. If the symptoms do not settle down and ease in one to three months then further tests, such as an MRI scan, may be required to pinpoint the problem.


The first approach to treatment is conservative management (ie non-operative). Physiotherapy and pain killers is the first line of treatment. Spinal injections are the second line. Keyhole or minmally invasive disc surgery is the third line of treatment. Keyhole Discectomy involves a tiny incision to allow physicians to remove a section of the slipped disc with minimal soft tissue damage. Fibre-optic lighting guides specialized instruments for accuracy and most patients are discharged within 2 hours.

Patients who found difficulty in walking before surgery are often able to walk more freely with a better range of movements following treatment.

Keyhole Spinal Surgery FAQs

Keyhole surgery is an operation performed through a tiny skin incision

Quick Recovery, Less blood loss, less damage to other tissues, Less risk of infection, less pain

All spinal surgery is performed. Microdiscectomy, Disc Replacement, Spinal Fusion, Spinal Stenosis surgery, Laser Spine Surgery, Pain Management procedures, Spinal Infection treatment, Treatment of fractures

Nerve injury, Poor placement of implants, Longer operating time if surgeon is not skilled in the technique, Higher dose of XRAY

Depends on the type of surgery but prices can start from £500 for pain management treatments

At The London Spine Unit, all spinal Surgery is performed through keyhole spinal surgery as our specialists are highly skilled in this type of surgery.

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Laser Disc Surgery can be performed under local anaesthetic as a day case at our centre on the prestigious Harley Street.

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