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Islamabad Spinal Clinic – London Spine Unit

The Islamabad Spine Clinic

Top Spinal Clinic offering treatment of all Spinal Disorders

The Islamabad Spine Clinic

Top Spinal Clinic offering treatment of all Spinal Disorders

The Clinic is based at The Kulsum International Hospital

The London Spine Unit has opened a branch in Islamabad at The kulsum International Hospital. Mr Mo Akmal, Consultant Spinal Surgeon is leading the spinal unit and available for opinions and treatments

Contact our Islamabad Office

Mr Siraj Ul Haq : siraj.haq@kih.com.pk : +92 300 5584384

What we do

Our Spinal Specialists are experts in the diagnosis and treatment of All Spinal conditions. Dr Akmal is our lead spinal surgeon who visits from the UK and provides Clinical Governance and treatments at Kulsum Hospital. The clinic is linked to the London Spine Unit on Harley Street, London, UK

Specialist treatments

We offer Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Spinal injections under Xray for Pain management Laser and Ozone Spine Surgery Keyhole spinal surgery Endoscopic spine surgery Cervical and Lumbar Disc Replacement.

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Kulsum International hospital Kulsum Plaza, 2020 Blue Area, Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan Ph: +92 51 8446666 Mobile: +92 300 5584384 siraj.haq@kih.com.pk

Multi Disciplinary Approach

We take a comprehensive view when it comes to treatment. Our specialists will make sure that your condition is treated with the least invasive procedures. All cases are discussed by our specialists to ensure the best and safest treatment options.


Dr Mo Akmal MD

Consultant Orthopaedic Spinal Surgeon

Dr Akmal is an internationally renowned Spinal Surgeon who practices at Imperial College, London UK and is the Chairman of The Harley Street Hospital, London, UK.
Dr Akmal attends The Islamabad Spinal Clinic every month to give his specialist opinions and undertakes treatments at The Kulsum International Hospital.


Dr M Khaled MD

Consultant Neurosurgeon

Dr Mohammed Khaled is a Consultant Neurosurgeon based in Islamabad and is one of the leading spinal surgeons offering consultations and treatments at The Islamabad Spinal Clinic. He will also discuss cases with Dr Akmal and has a full time practice at The Rawal Pindi Medical College and Kulsum International Hospital.


Mr Riafat Mahmood

Chief Physiotherapist

Mr Riafat is a senior physiotherapist specialising in neuro-rehabilitation and Musculoskeletal disorders. His specialist interests include back pain and neck pain treatment. He has treats conditions including nerve damage, sciatica, post surgery, degenerate discs and spinal fractures.


Mr Siraj Ul-Haq

Head of Administration

Mr Siraj Ul-Haq is the chief administrator for The Islamabad Spinal Clinic. He leads a team of administration staff who will ensure your journey is as smooth as possible. He is available for appointment booking and coordinates inpatient treatments.

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