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Is closed-suction drainage necessary after intradural primary spinal cord tumor surgery?

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Is closed-suction drainage necessary after intradural primary spinal cord tumor surgery?

Eur Spine J. 2013 Mar;22(3):577-83

Authors: Sohn S, Chung CK, Kim CH

PURPOSE: The efficacy of closed-suction drainage in primary intradural spinal cord tumor surgery has not been addressed. We investigated whether closed-suction drainage is essential after primary intradural spinal cord tumor surgery.
METHODS: From January 2003 to October 2011, 169 consecutive patients with primary intradural spinal cord tumors operated by a single surgeon were selected. Closed-suction drainage was inserted in patients before August 2007, but was not used after August 2007. After removal of tumor and meticulous hemostasis, the opened dura was closed and made watertight using 4-0 silk with interrupt suture and 1.0 cm of surgical glue was applied in common. Closed-suction drainage was inserted below the muscular fascia in 75 patients (group I, M:F = 39:36; 46.20 ± 15.63 years) and was not inserted in 94 patients (group II, M:F = 46:48; 51.05 ± 14.89 years).
RESULTS: Neurological deficit precluding ambulation did not occur in all patients. Between group I and II, there were no significant differences in body mass index (22.75 ± 3.16 vs. 23.51 ± 3.22 kg/m; p = 0.13), laminectomy level (2.45 ± 1.46 vs. 2.33 ± 1.91; p = 0.65), operation time (260.65 ± 109.08 vs. 231.52 ± 90.08 min; p = 0.06), estimated intraoperative blood loss (456.93 ± 406.62 vs. 383.94 ± 257.25 cm; p = 0.18), and hospital stay period (9.25 ± 5.01 vs. 9.35 ± 5.75 days; p = 0.91). Two patients in group I underwent revision surgery due to wound problems, while revision surgery was not performed in group II (p = 0.20).
CONCLUSION: Closed-suction drainage may not be essential after primary intradural spinal cord tumor surgery.

PMID: 23001449 [PubMed – in process]

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