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Intramuscular Distribution of the Abducens Nerve within the Lateral Rectus Muscle for the Administration of Strabismus.

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Intramuscular Distribution of the Abducens Nerve within the Lateral Rectus Muscle for the Administration of Strabismus.

Curr Eye Res. 2018 Feb 15;:1-7

Authors: Shin HJ, Lee SH, Shin KJ, Koh KS, Track WC

AIMS: To elucidate the intramuscular distribution and branching patterns of the abducens nerve within the lateral rectus (LR) muscle in order to supply anatomical affirmation of the presence of compartmentalization, together with to be used in medical functions corresponding to botulinum toxin injections.
METHODS: Thirty whole-mount human cadaver specimens have been dissected after which Sihler’s stain was utilized. The fundamental dimensions of the LR and its intramuscular nerve distribution have been investigated. The distances from the muscle insertion to the purpose at which the abducens nerve enters the LR and to the terminal nerve plexus have been additionally measured.
RESULTS: The LR was mm lengthy. The abducens nerve enters the muscle on the posterior one-third of the LR after which sometimes divides into just a few branches (common of 1.eight). This helps a segregated abducens nerve selectively innervating compartments of the LR. The intramuscular nerve distribution confirmed a Y-shaped ramification with root-like arborization. The intramuscular nerve course completed across the center of the LR (24.eight mm posterior to the insertion level) to type the terminal nerve plexus. This area ought to be thought of the optimum goal website for botulinum toxin injections. We have now additionally recognized the presence of an overlapping zone and speaking nerve branches between the neighboring LR compartments.
CONCLUSION: Sihler’s staining is a helpful approach for visualizing the whole nerve community of the LR. Enhancing the information of the nerve distribution patterns is vital not just for researchers but additionally clinicians to know the features of the LR and the various pathophysiology of strabismus.

PMID: 29447480 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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