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How to extract stem cells from excess fat in your body?

The extraction of stem cells from the body fat is a technique that is revolutionizing medical treatments. This is due to its enormous benefits.

Originally, the stem cells were extracted from the blood, then removed from the bone marrow. But later it was discovered that body fat also contains them and even in greater proportion.


Why are different fat tissue stem cells?

The blood only contains 5 thousand stem cells per cc of blood; only 50 thousand per cc of blood are removed from the bone and it has the limitation that no more than 50 ccs can be extracted.

However, in fat tissue, it can be obtained from 7 to 14 million per cc of fat and allows extraction of up to 60 ccs. This means 800 million stem cells by fat infusion.

The technique

The stem cells live close to the arterioles of the fat. When experts extract the fat, fine arteries that are populated with stem cells break, hence their richness.

After the liposuction procedure, the blood is eliminated and recombined with a reagent. The reagents separate the fat from the stem cells.

When the fat is mixed with the reagents, it starts to decompose and goes into the centrifuge at 3,500 revolutions and the first separation between fat and stem cells is made.

Second centrifugation is required, but this time at 4 thousand revolutions to extract the most stuck cells.

Once doctors obtain the stem cells, they add the platelet-rich plasma (PRP) so that the cells provide them with minerals and growth factors.

The final product is the dose that is injected into the blood or any damaged organ of the person.

Why are stem cells so special?

Stem cells are pluripotent cells that can be converted into any cell in the body (organ). There are two types: embryonic cells of the fetus and mature cells. They are those that live in the individual and the body use them when there is damage in the body to repair it.

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How to extract stem cells from excess fat in your body? | Sacroiliac joint injection cost

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