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Epidural needle with embedded optical fibers for spectroscopic differentiation of tissue: ex vivo feasibility study

Epidural injection is commonly used to provide intraoperative anesthesia, postoperative and obstetric analgesia, and to treat acute radicular pain. Identification of the epidural space is typically carried out using the loss of resistance (LOR) technique, but the usefulness of this technique is limited by false LOR and the inability to reliably detect intravascular or subarachnoid needle placement. In this study, we present a novel epidural needle that allows for the acquisition of optical reflectance spectra from tissue close to the beveled surface. This needle has optical fibers embedded in the cannula that deliver and receive light. With two spectrometers, light received from tissue is resolved across the wavelength range of 500 to 1600 nm. To determine the feasibility of optical tissue differentiation, spectra were acquired from porcine tissues during a post mortem laminectomy. The spectra were processed with an algorithm that derives estimates of the hemoglobin and lipid concentrations. The results of this study suggest that the optical epidural needle has the potential to improve the accuracy of epidural space identification

Keywords : Analgesia,Anesthesia,Epidural Space,Feasibility Studies,Laminectomy,Pain,, Needle,With,Embedded,Optical,Fibers, what massage is best for back pain

Date of Publication : 2011 Jun 1

Authors : Desjardins AE;Hendriks BH;van d;Nachabe R;Bierhoff W;Braun G;Babic D;Rathmell JP;Holmin S;Soderman M;Holmstrom B;

Organisation :

Journal of Publication : Biomed Opt Express

Pubmed Link : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21698009

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Spontaneous resolution of a paraparesis due to a dorsolumbar epidural haematoma associated with subarachnoid anaesthesia and postoperative analgesia using an epidural catheter | Facet joint pain

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