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Endoscopic surgery of the lumbar epidural space (epiduroscopy): results of therapeutic intervention in 93 patients.


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Endoscopic surgery of the lumbar epidural space (epiduroscopy): results of therapeutic intervention in 93 patients.

Minim Invasive Neurosurg. 2003 Feb;46(1):1-4

Authors: Ruetten S, Meyer O, Godolias G

Determination and therapy of the underlying pathology in chronic pain syndrome in the lumbar spine is frequently difficult. Minimally invasive and microsurgical techniques may offer advantages. Epiduroscopy is available for visualization of the lumbar epidural space. 93 patients with chronic back-leg pain syndrome were epiduroscopically operated. When findings were appropriate, mechanical instruments and the holmium:YAG laser were applied therapeutically. 45.9 % of these patients presented with positive results in postoperative examination. Pathomorphological processes corresponding to the multifactorial pain processes, which escape detection in modern imaging procedures, can be diagnosed in the epidural space using epiduroscopy Therapeutic intervention is basically possible. However, use is limited due to technical difficulties. Navigation of the endoscope is especially limited in access via the hiatus sacralis.

PMID: 12640575 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]


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