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Effect of dynamic muscular stabilization technique on low back pain of different durations.

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Effect of dynamic muscular stabilization technique on low back pain of different durations.

J Back Musculoskelet Rehabil. 2012 Jan 1;25(2):73-9

Authors: Kumar S, Sharma VP, Aggarwal A, Shukla R, Dev R

Background: Low back pain (LBP) has multi-factorial origin and its treatment varies considerably. Multidisciplinary pain programs have shown their effectiveness in the management of LBP but it is not documented whether subjects with difference in chronicity (duration) of pain will respond differently to these regimes. Dynamic muscular stabilization technique (DMST) is an active approach of stabilizing training for lumbar area which involves the training for the co-contraction of the transverse abdominis and multifidus muscles. Aim: This study determines the efficacy of Dynamic Muscular Stabilization Technique (DMST) in LBP of different durations. Design: Follow-up, comparative study. Setting: Physical medicine and rehabilitation department (PMR) of university. Methods: Total 72 patients were categorized in 5 groups on the basis of duration (chronicity) of their low back pain. The documentation of chronicity was done on the basis of subjective questionnaire. All subjects were treated with DMST. Pain was the primary outcome measure while physical strength (back pressure change: BPC, abdominal pressure changes: APC), physical ability (walking, stair climbing, stand ups) and quality of life (QOL) were the secondary. Variables were assessed at baseline (day 0), 3 months (day 90) and at the end of the follow up (day 180).Results: Variables (Pain, BPC, APC, Walking, Stair climbing, Stand ups and QOL) significantly improved on 90th and 180th day while compared to the baseline. Therefore irrespective of the chronicity of pain, all chronic pain patients will respond positively to the DMST treatment. Conclusions: This study concludes that DMST intervention is an effective rehabilitation technique for all chronic low back pain patients irrespective of the duration (chronicity) of their pain.

PMID: 22684197 [PubMed – in process]

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