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Early-Effectiveness Of Unilateral Biportal Endoscopic Laminectomy In Treatment Of Two-Level Lumbar Spinal Stenosis London Spine

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UBE laminectomy is a safe and effective technique with little trauma and fast recovery for two-level LSS and the early effectiveness is satisfactory.
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Objective: To analyze the early effectiveness of unilateral biportal endoscopy (UBE) laminectomy in the treatment of two-level lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS).

Methods: The clinical data of 98 patients with two-level LSS treated with UBE between September 2020 and December 2021 were retrospectively analyzed. There were 53 males and 45 females with an average age of 59.9 years (range, 32-79 years). Among them, there were 56 cases of mixed spinal stenosis, 23 cases of central spinal canal stenosis, and 19 cases of nerve root canal stenosis. The duration of symptoms was 1.5- 10 years, with an average of 5.4 years. The operative segments were L 2, 3 and L 3, 4 in 2 cases, L 3, 4 and L 4, 5 in 29 cases, L 4, 5 and L 5, S 1 in 67 cases. All patients had different degrees of low back pain, among of which 76 cases were with unilateral lower extremity symptoms and 22 cases were with bilateral lower extremity symptoms. There were 29 cases of bilateral decompression in both segments, 63 cases of unilateral decompression in both segments, and 6 cases of unilateral decompression and bilateral decompression of each segment. The operation time, intraoperative blood loss, total incision length, hospitalization stay, ambulation time, and related complications were recorded. Visual analogue scale (VAS) score was used to assess the low back and leg pain before operation and at 3 days, 3 months after operation, and at last follow-up. The Oswestry disability index (ODI) was used to evaluate the functional recovery of lumbar spine before operation and at 3 months and last follow-up after operation. Modified MacNab criteria was used to evaluate clinical outcomes at last follow-up. Imaging examinations were performed before and after operation to measure the preservation rate of articular process, modified Pfirrmann scale, disc height (DH), lumbar lordosis angle (LLA), and cross-sectional area of the canal (CAC), and the CAC improvement rate was calculated.

Results: All patients underwent surgery successfully. The operation time was (106.7±25.1) minutes, the intraoperative blood loss was (67.7±14.2) mL, and the total incision length was (3.2±0.4) cm. The hospitalization stay was 8 (7, 9) days, and the ambulation time was 3 (3, 4) days. All the wounds healed by first intention. Dural tear occurred in 1 case during operation, and mild headache occurred in 1 case after operation. All patients were followed up 13-28 months with an average of 19.3 months, and there was no recurrence or reoperation during the follow-up. At last follow-up, the preservation rate of articular process was 84.7%±7.3%. The modified Pfirrmann scale and DH were significantly different from those before operation ( P<0.05), while the LLA was not significantly different from that before operation ( P=0.050). The CAC significantly improved ( P<0.05), and the CAC improvement rate was 108.1%±17.8%. The VAS scores of low back pain and leg pain and ODI at each time point after operation significantly improved when compared with those before operation, and the differences between each time points were significant ( P<0.05). According to the modified MacNab criteria, 63 cases were excellent, 25 cases were good, and 10 cases were fair, with an excellent and good rate of 89.8%.

UBE laminectomy is a safe and effective technique with little trauma and fast recovery for two-level LSS and the early effectiveness is satisfactory.

目的: 分析单侧双通道脊柱内镜技术(unilateral biportal endoscopy,UBE)椎管减压术治疗双节段腰椎管狭窄症(lumbar spinal stenosis,LSS)的早期临床疗效。.

方法: 回顾性分析2020年9月—2021年12月采用UBE椎管减压术治疗的98例双节段LSS患者临床资料。男53例,女45例;年龄32~79岁,平均59.9岁。其中混合型椎管狭窄56例,中央椎管型23例,神经根管型19例。病程1.5~10年,平均5.4年。手术节段:L 2、3、L 3、4 2例,L 3、4、L 4、5 29例,L 4、5和L 5、S 1 67例。患者均有不同程度腰痛,单侧下肢症状76例、双侧下肢症状22例。双节段均行双侧减压者29例,均行单侧减压者63例,分别行单、双侧减压者6例。记录患者手术时间、术中出血量、切口总长度、住院时间、术后下地时间及相关并发症。采用疼痛视觉模拟评分(VAS)评估术前、术后3 d、术后3个月及末次随访时的腰痛和腿痛程度,采用Oswestry功能障碍指数(ODI)评估术前、术后3个月及末次随访时的功能改善情况,末次随访时采用改良MacNab标准评价疗效。手术前后行影像学检查,测量入路侧关节突保留率、改良Pfirrmann等级、椎间隙高度(disc height,DH)、腰椎前凸角(lumbar lordosis angle,LLA)和椎管横截面积(cross-sectional area of the canal,CAC)并计算CAC改善率。.

结果: 98例患者均顺利完成手术,手术时间(106.7±25.1)min,术中出血量(67.7±14.2)mL,切口总长度(3.2±0.4)cm,住院时间8(7,9)d,术后下地时间3(3,4)d。所有切口均Ⅰ期愈合。1例术中发生硬脊膜撕裂,1例术后轻度头痛。所有患者均获随访,随访时间13~28个月,平均19.3个月;随访期间无复发或再手术者。末次随访时,入路侧关节突保留率为84.7%±7.3%。改良Pfirrmann等级及DH与术前比较差异均有统计学意义( P<0.05),LLA与术前比较差异无统计学意义( P=0.050);CAC较术前显著改善( P<0.05),CAC改善率为108.1%±17.8%。术后各时间点腰痛和腿痛VAS评分及ODI均较术前明显改善,各时间点间两两比较差异均有统计学意义( P<0.05)。末次随访时采用改良MacNab标准评价疗效,获优63例、良25例、中10例,优良率89.8%。.

结论: UBE椎管减压术治疗双节段LSS创伤小,恢复快,手术安全有效,早期临床疗效满意。.

Keywords: Unilateral biportal endoscopy technique; decompression; effectiveness; lumbar spinal stenosis.

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Early-effectiveness of unilateral biportal endoscopic laminectomy in treatment of two-level lumbar spinal stenosis

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Fabulous service Fabulous service. Mr Akmal truly cares about his patients and how he can improve their quality of life. I would recommend him to anyone with any kind of spinal issue.
Honeywell Paul
Honeywell Paul
Truly excellent results! I was diagnosed with lumbar stenosis after experiencing increasing pain in both legs. An MRI and consultation carried out at short notice confirmed this. Mr Akmal recommended that a spacer should be inserted in my lower back to correct the problem and release the nerves from the narrowing caused by stenosis. The operation was conducted very professionally and without pain. After the first two weeks the pain started to subside as expected. After 4 weeks I was completely back to normal. The result is exceptionally good and I feel renewed, with no pain whatsoever and a regained posture, ready to resume a normal life. I cannot recommend The London Spine Unit highly enough. They are medical magicians!
c etri
c etri
Sciatica My mother was in absolute agony for more than 3 months due to sciatica. It just came out of nowhere and took her out of action. From working full time she went straight to being bed bound and unable to carry out simplest of actions.The pain was 9/10 and she was bed bound for those three months. Multiple trips to A&E and GP and they wouldn't class it as an emergency therefore they wouldn't do anything about it other than upgrading the painkillers which did next to nothing for my mother. I couldn't bear to watch my mother sleeping on A&E bench in pain for 7 hours, just to be told by doctors that she wouldn't be kept in. I remember her joining her hands and begging the doctors to stop the pain which broke my heart. I then started doing research on google and London spine unit came up with Dr Mo AKMAL's profile and review. First meeting with Dr AKMAL was via ZOOM as my mother was bed bound. Dr AKMAL spoke to me and my mom and told us that this is nothing to worry about and that the pain would be 100% gone.Dr AKMAL assured us to visit the hospital so he could physically inspect my mother and give us the best solution. One trip to the london spine unit and Dr AKMAL advised us that the best solution would be to carry out Minimally invasive disectomy. Dr AKMAL advised that due to my mother being bed bound for a while, steroid injection might not give the result that my mother wishes. Dr AKMAL was very confident and showed us some videos from other patients who had gone through the same ordeal. The biggest thing i noticed between before and after was the smile on the patients face. Dr AKMAL was constantly assuring my mother throughout the meeting that he would take care of her pain and gave her 100% confidence that the result would be delivered.He promised her that she would be walking pain free the same day after the operation. Before the operation Dr GURUNG was consulted multiple times and he also was very helpful. Right after the surgery, as Dr AKMAL promised, my mother was walking and the biggest thing was that the pain was gone. My mother had forgotten to smile for three months and there i saw her smiling again. Dr AKMAL and Dr GURUNG gave us brilliant aftercare and informed us that just give them a ring if there was any issue. Its been several weeks now and my mother is heading towards complete recovery without any issues. The pain is completely gone and anyone who is reading this going through the same horrible sciatica pain you must come and see Dr AKMAL. Thank you Dr AKMAL and your whole team for helping my mom achieve this pain free life.
Frank Otuo
Frank Otuo
Extraordinary Care My 81 year old mother who has retired in Ghana was suffering from severe lower back pain so a local surgeon put her through discectomy with hardware (spine screws). The procedure was essentially botched, with one screw breaching her spinal canal resulting in extreme pain; unable to walk, pins and needles and numbness in the left leg. The hardware subsequently had become infected and loosened as a result. Her life after this surgery was the worse she has ever experienced in all her life. She had no doubt that she was eventually to die from the infection and pain. Fortunately, through diligent search, we found Mr Akmal and his team at The UK Spine Centre. She had a zoom consultation and with a ready MRI and CT scan, Mr Akmal knew exactly how to have her back to fitness and a better quality of life. She travelled to England on 26 March 2022 and had the surgery on 11 April 2022. It was a day-case. It lasted no more than 1 hour 30 minutes. She was on my feet within 2 hours pain free - still pain free 5 weeks on! To her this is simply a miracle ! She is grateful to Jehovah God for Mr Akmal and his team - thoroughly professional bunch at the top of their game. No one deserves to suffer the pain she experienced for two years. She seriously recommends Mr Akmal and his team for anything SPINE!
Luke O'Brien
Luke O'Brien
Bilateral discectomy and dynamic stabilisation for complete foot drop From the first phone call, the team at London Spine have been amazing. I had severe symptoms following an L4/L5 disc injury from playing sports and had complete foot drop. Mr Akmal and his team treated the situation incredibly sensitively, as I had risk of permanent damage. The whole process was so quick, from initial consultation to operation was about 96 hours. On the day of the operation, the nurses couldn’t have been more helpful, attentive and calming. The surgery was flawless, with absolutely zero pain from the operation following. I am now 8 weeks from a bi-lateral discectomy and dynamic stabilisation procedure and have regained full use of my leg and toes, with a complete range of motion also. Mr Akmal’s aftercare has been first class, with regular calls from his team in the 2 weeks following the surgery, to the final consultation and discharge. Thanks so much for giving me my life back
Excellent treatment Mr Mo Akmal treated me very successfully for 2 torn discs in my back. I was in tremendous pain before I was referred to him. The treatment I received from him was excellent and he communicated with me very well throughout the whole process. I am eternally grateful to Mr Akmal for sorting out my back and would highly recommend him.
shahnaz Choudhury
shahnaz Choudhury
I had a massive bulging disk on my back… I had a massive bulging disk on my back compressing my nerve for three years. It caused me excruciating pain and almost left me disabled. I was on both crutches and completely homebound due to the severity of pain and mobility limitations. I had my lumber surgery two weeks ago and walked out of hospital within a few hours pain free on my right leg that was almost paralysing prior to surgery. The disk was shaved off releasing the nerve completely. Two days after surgery I had excruciating pain on my head that is unexplained as I had CT scan and MRI which were all fine. Dr Akmal has suggested it could be from the anaesthetic. I am extremely grateful to Dr Akmal and his very welcoming and cari g team. I would highly recommend his clinic as I have had excellent recovery.
Thank you Mr Aklam After having a poor and very slow experiance in glasgow . I contacted Mr mo Amlam . Who is a true gentleman, great listener and paitent . We transfered my scans and treatments from glasgow to harley street . Mr Aklams p.a arranged a quick zoom to start our contact .I then went down for a meeting and examination and what should have been a spec scan .only to be told of a UK shortage . So 4 weeks later the scan took place in wellington hospital . Before I traveled back to glasgow. 5 days later I got a call to book me in to 19 harley street for a l3 and l4 debridement and stabilisation. The opp took place on 24th March. 2hours I was out walking 4 hours later . My pain in back groin and foot was all gone .thanks to Mr aklam . Top of his craft but more importantly pouts his patients first .he really wants to help you get better. Thank you so much Mr Robert harvey
Ken Carswell
Ken Carswell
Amazing service and an amazing treatment! I can't thank Mr Akmal and team at the London Spine Unit enough for their help. I had a herniated disc in my back which was causing pain and restrictions. Compared to other offers of surgery (e.g. several nights in hospital), the day surgery and minimally invasive procedure were hugely appealing. I am now 3 weeks post surgery, have no pain and am recovering incredibly quickly if I compare myself to friends who have had a similar procedure. it was truly remarkable, straightforward and the team were kind, friendly and always helpful. very highly recommended!
Great service and painless procedure Great service and painless procedure. Definitely alleviated the pain

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Abstract in English, Chinese Objective: To analyze the early effectiveness of unilateral biportal endoscopy (UBE) laminectomy in the treatment of two-level lumbar spinal stenosis (LSS). Methods: The clinical data of 98 patients with two-level LSS treated with UBE between September 2020 and December 2021 were retrospectively analyzed. There were 53 males and 45 females with…

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