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alpha-Dystroglycan is essential for the induction of Egr3, a transcription factor important in muscle spindle formation

Muscle spindle fibers are specialized stretch receptors that allow the perception and coordination of limb movement. The differentiation of these specialized structures is initiated by signals derived from the in growing Ia sensory neurons during development. While the direct molecular signaling mechanisms between sensory neurons and developing muscle at nascent spindle fibers have been well documented in past studies the roles of muscle basal lamina components on this process have not previously been described. As such, our initial experiments addressed potential roles for agrin (AGRN) and laminin (LN) in the expression of the transcription factor Egr3. Levels of Egr3 were monitored using immunoblot analysis and both basal lamina molecules proved effective in inducing Erg3 expression. Previous work had established neuregulin (NRG) as a critical signaling component in spindle fiber development so blocking experiments with NRG and ErbB inhibitors were then used to determine if LN-induced Egr3 expression was occurring as a result of NRG-ErbB signaling and not via other, novel pathway. Inhibiting signaling through this pathway did indeed reduce the expression of Egr3. Finally, we looked at alpha-dystrogylcan, a shared receptor for AGRN and LN at neuromuscular junctions. Using a alpha-dystroglycan (alpha-DG) silenced muscle cell line and an anti-alpha-DG antibody we attempted to block basal lamina/alpha-DG interactions. Again, and in both instances, Egr3 expression was significantly decreased. Taken together, analysis of the results from these experiments revealed that indeed AGRN, LN, and alpha-DG influence Egr3 levels and therefore may play an important role in spindle fiber differentiation

Keywords : Agrin,analysis,Animals,antagonists & inhibitors,Antibodies,biosynthesis,Cell Line,cytology,Dystroglycans,Early Growth Response Protein 3,embryology,Ganglia,Spinal,Gene Expression Regulation,Developmental,genetics,Growth,growth & development,Laminin,metabolism,Mice,Movement,Muscle Fibers,Skeletal,Muscle Spindles,Neuregulin-1,Neuromuscular Junction,Neurons,Ontario,physiology,Protein Binding,Sensory Receptor Cells,Signal Transduction,, Essential,Induction, harley street map

Date of Publication : 2010 Jun

Authors : Williams S;Jacobson C;

Organisation : Department of Biology, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada N2L 3G1

Journal of Publication : Dev Neurobiol

Pubmed Link : https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/20213761

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?-Dystroglycan is essential for the induction of Egr3, a transcription factor important in muscle spindle formation | The back pain centre london

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