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Chronic musculoskeletal disorders as risk factors for reduced work ability in younger and ageing workers.

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Chronic musculoskeletal disorders as risk factors for reduced work ability in younger and ageing workers.

Int J Occup Saf Ergon. 2014;20(4):607-15

Authors: Bugajska J, Sagan A

AIMS: The aim of the study was to assess the occurrence and intensity of musculoskeletal pain as a risk factor for reduced work ability.
METHODS: In total, 1449 workers participated in the study, 64% were younger workers (<45 years old, M 31.4); 36% were ageing workers (?45 years old, M 50.3), Their health condition was established on the basis of (a) subjective feeling of health on a 5-point scale, (b) pain in 6 parts of the body in the past year; and (c) intensity of pain on a 100-mm visual analogue scale (VAS). Work ability was assessed with the subjective work ability index (WAI).
RESULTS: The results of the study showed that although in the both groups, i.e., younger and ageing workers, the occurrence and intensity of pain in the hands/wrists, neck and lower back were a significant factor which decreased WAI, in ageing workers only the occurrence of pain in the lower back generated higher risk factors for reduced work ability (WAI < 37).
CONCLUSIONS: Improving physical and psychosocial working conditions to reduce musculoskeletal complaints, and identifying individuals with such complaints are important in increasing workers’ work ability and thus extending their occupational activity.

PMID: 25513796 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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