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Cartilage derived morphogenetic protein 2 – A potential therapy for intervertebral disc regeneration?

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Cartilage derived morphogenetic protein 2 – A potential therapy for intervertebral disc regeneration?

Biologicals. 2014 Jan 20;

Authors: Williams LA, Wei A, Bhargav D, Diwan AD

Low back pain is amongst the top ten risk factors that contribute to disability, ranking higher than diabetes and mental health disease globally as a contributor to years lost to disability (YLD), and escalating as Western societies age. Abundant evidence suggests that intervertebral disc (IVD) damage is central to the origin of pain in the spine. IVD degeneration involves the progressive deterioration of the highly organized disc tissue extracellular matrix, losing its elasticity and hence its’ cushioning ability for the spine. Cartilage derived morphogenetic protein-2 (CDMP2) is a small peptide morphogen. Naturally occurring mutations segregate with skeletal defects in IVD development. CDMP2 signalling influences chondrogenic tissue determination, retards osteogenic tissue development and is crucial to early dorso-ventral axis defining events in zebrafish and Xenopus laevis. The potential of biological treatments to offer cutting edge early intervention, tissue regeneration and to preserve spinal motion segments shows great promise. The unique qualities of CDMP2 in IVD tissue formation, delineating discal matrix from vertebral bone, may prove adaptable in therapeutic applications to early discal degeneration. Here we explore the prevalence and origin of backache, the biology of CDMP2 and its potential application as an early intervention to arrest the disc degeneration sequelae.

PMID: 24457196 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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