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Bilateral remote cerebellar haemorrhage after spinal surgery: a case study and review of the literature.

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Bilateral remote cerebellar haemorrhage after spinal surgery: a case study and review of the literature.

Brain Inj. 2014;28(9):1216-22

Authors: Mallio CA, Sarà M, Pistoia ML, Occhicone F, Errante Y, Giona A, Zobel BB, Quattrocchi CC

BACKGROUND: Remote cerebellar haemorrhage is a rare and unpredictable complication after intracranial and spinal surgery, although less frequently found in the latter. The physiopathology of this phenomenon has not been definitely explained.
OBJECTIVES: To describe and discuss the potential implications and pathomechanism of a bilateral remote cerebellar haemorrhage case after spinal surgery and review the literature related to this rare phenomenon.
CASE REPORT: A 75 year-old man developed bilateral remote cerebellar haemorrhage after a lumbar laminectomy. Brain CT and MRI examinations showed chronic bilateral remote cerebellar haemorrhage, right haemoventricle and bilateral supratentorial subarachnoid haemorrhage. Subsequently, the patient underwent rehabilitation therapy with improvement of symptoms.
CONCLUSION: When large cerebrospinal fluid loss is observed during spinal surgery, brain imaging study should be carried out. The pathogenetic hypothesis of microcirculation vessels tearing, the role of previous spinal surgery and of cerebellar atrophy should be considered and validated with further investigation.

PMID: 24865277 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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