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Anterior Decompression + Fusion Surgery

I was recommended to Mr Akmal. I am very pleased with his service, the operation went well and the after care from his staff was great. I am slightly nervous with the occasional pain I am getting but I’m sure it will settle in the next 3 – 6 months as advised.

Nisha P.

Truspilot Reviews

shahnaz Choudhury
shahnaz Choudhury
I had a massive bulging disk on my back… I had a massive bulging disk on my back compressing my nerve for three years. It caused me excruciating pain and almost left me disabled. I was on both crutches and completely homebound due to the severity of pain and mobility limitations. I had my lumber surgery two weeks ago and walked out of hospital within a few hours pain free on my right leg that was almost paralysing prior to surgery. The disk was shaved off releasing the nerve completely. Two days after surgery I had excruciating pain on my head that is unexplained as I had CT scan and MRI which were all fine. Dr Akmal has suggested it could be from the anaesthetic. I am extremely grateful to Dr Akmal and his very welcoming and cari g team. I would highly recommend his clinic as I have had excellent recovery.
Thank you Mr Aklam After having a poor and very slow experiance in glasgow . I contacted Mr mo Amlam . Who is a true gentleman, great listener and paitent . We transfered my scans and treatments from glasgow to harley street . Mr Aklams p.a arranged a quick zoom to start our contact .I then went down for a meeting and examination and what should have been a spec scan .only to be told of a UK shortage . So 4 weeks later the scan took place in wellington hospital . Before I traveled back to glasgow. 5 days later I got a call to book me in to 19 harley street for a l3 and l4 debridement and stabilisation. The opp took place on 24th March. 2hours I was out walking 4 hours later . My pain in back groin and foot was all gone .thanks to Mr aklam . Top of his craft but more importantly pouts his patients first .he really wants to help you get better. Thank you so much Mr Robert harvey
Ken Carswell
Ken Carswell
Amazing service and an amazing treatment! I can't thank Mr Akmal and team at the London Spine Unit enough for their help. I had a herniated disc in my back which was causing pain and restrictions. Compared to other offers of surgery (e.g. several nights in hospital), the day surgery and minimally invasive procedure were hugely appealing. I am now 3 weeks post surgery, have no pain and am recovering incredibly quickly if I compare myself to friends who have had a similar procedure. it was truly remarkable, straightforward and the team were kind, friendly and always helpful. very highly recommended!
Great service and painless procedure Great service and painless procedure. Definitely alleviated the pain
Jonathan Scott-Barrett
Jonathan Scott-Barrett
Back and nerve pain From diagnosis to treatment and post operational care, the London Spine Unit were very courteous, caring, efficient and generally first class in all departments of their clinic. My ailments pre operation have been successfully eradicated and I no longer suffer from back and nerve pain. I can also walk without stooping. I would not hesitate to recommend anyone with back problems to seek their advice and treatment if required. 9th February 2022
Kelly Tyler
Kelly Tyler
Very good service and quality care Very good service and quality care. The help is invaluable.
Amanda Main
Amanda Main
Very good service and attention Very good service and attention. The doctors are very kind, they attend with care and always report the condition well. The times that I have been able to visit them, there are not many, I have left very happy because they have relieved my back pain.
Arvind Manjit Singh
Arvind Manjit Singh
My interaction with Ms Rola Shamlakh… My interaction with Ms Rola Shamlakh was v educative. The way she explained the logic behind the basic exercises she taught me has really helped me to internalise those. Nobody I had consulted for years ( I suffer from arthritis of knees) had done like her before. She was wonderful. Overall it was a v fruitful session. I wish I cud have more such sessions with her but had to return to my country. But hope to be back soon to consult her more…..
thomas may
thomas may
In early 2021 my back pain which had… In early 2021 my back pain which had long troubled me became acute and it became clear that I urgently needed help .A friend whose father had been similarly afflicted recommended Mo Akmal of the London Spine unit to help me . After a 'phone consultation he immediately summoned me to London for an MRI which resulted in immediate surgery . His very professional team which included a very able assistant , Dr. Lok , operated and in short order , having been crippled ,in great pain and almost unable to walk , I emerged from the procedure pain free . I am aware that this was a very intricate and delicate procedure which had been fully explained to me from the outset. Full supervised recovery took place over the ensuing six months and I am now very physically active and able to take part in all the things that had been previously impossible.
Jag Sandhu
Jag Sandhu
Spinal fractures and balloon kyphoplasty procedure Due to oesterprosis last year I ended up with 8 spinal fractures, as the NHS failed to investigate my back pain, I had no choice but to refer myself to a private consultation at the Harley St spinal Clinic. I was under Dr Mo Akmal who arranged Mris and from here he found out I had 8 fractures, he suggested a procedure called balloon kyphoplasty, this was done in October 2021. The procedure itself went well and the care Harley st and Dr Akmals team gave me was exceptionall. Dr Akmal is one of the best surgeon s we read his reviews on Trust pilot before we made the initial appointment, he is a very kind and caring person who is professional as well as genuinely caring about you and your health problems. Its 3 months after my surgery and I am not taking any painkillers, I still have a little way to go as healing can take a few months but I'm hopeful my back will be back to as normal as it can be.. I am still under review under Dr Akmal so this gives me reassurance that until I'm not fully fixed he will be looking after me.

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Anterior Decompression + Fusion Surgery | Dymicron

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