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Advanced Spine Imaging

Advanced Spine Imaging

Advanced Spine ImagingLondon Spine Unit has the region’s solely “real time” x-ray to look at spinal motion — called os Motion Analysis (VMA). os Motion Analysis, or VMA, is Associate in Nursing FDA-cleared system for assessing body part and cervical spinal motion. it’s Associate in Nursing updated methodology of assessing spinal motion compared to the quality flexion/extension bending x-rays that square measure presently accustomed assess spinal motion, as well as instability.

Until recently, spine surgeons have relied upon archaic and old school x-rays to guide their selections on whether or not the patient ought to bear surgery for excess movement in their spine. The forward bending (flexion) and backward bending (extension) x-ray are the mainstay of proof for spinal instability surgery. These square measure single photos taken at one moment in time with the patient being asked to voluntarily bend past their painful purpose in an plan to “catch” the bones in arrangement. Most patient’s can “cheat” and bend till they feel pain then move their hips forward or backward to complete the motion. sadly, this makes it terribly troublesome for these x-rays to “catch” the sickness state and guide the MD. Our distinctive VMA imaging takes Associate in Nursing x-ray flick of the patient whereas the patient is gently radio-controlled through the forward and backward bending motions by the apparatus itself!

Advanced Spine Imaging Advanced Spine ImagingAn advanced software package analysis of the motion is then performed lightness any levels of instability. This analysis is scan by a Board Certified Diagnostic specialist and provided to the MD World Health Organization will dependably create selections concerning the requirement for surgery supported whether or not the spinal bones remained properly aligned with motion. This technology has been evidenced to be additional sensitive and reproducible in determinative instability requiring surgical fusion. one among the foremost blessings of this technology is that the radiation dose is less than what the patient would be exposed to with a regular six read x-ray series, that has been the quality yet. VMA represents the long run of practical spine imaging.
London Spine Unit is excited concerning being one among the primary within the region to supply this new Spine Motion Imaging choice. The VMA offers a brand new diagnostic tool that gives further imaging knowledge to surgeons, which can facilitate him/her to find the supply of your spinal problems. It providse additional correct motion measurements to assist surgeons in diagnosis your distinctive condition, that cause surgeons selecting better treatment choices.
The VMA motion imaging technology may be a true game-changer! Your spine deserves the most recent in imaging technology

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Consultant Spine Surgeon
Consultant Spine Surgeon
Consultant Spine Surgeon
Advanced Spine Imaging
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