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Advanced Orthopaedic Imaging Using The 2D/3D EOS Biplanar XRAY Machine

We have one of the world’s latest imaging technology machines at our clinic.

Only 3 other centres in the United Kingdom have this technology due to the expensive cost of the machine. Although the machine cost is unaffordable for most centres, it offers unrivalled quality of imaging that reduces the radiation dose by almost 10 times compared to XRAY and almost 30 times less than CT scan. EOS is especially useful in assessing bone anatomy in patients while they are upright. It is a perfect solution for patients who have posture deformity caused by spinal conditions such a vertebral compression fractures or children who require regular xrays.

The EOS™ X-ray machine, based on a Nobel prize-winning invention in physics in the field of particle detection, is capable of a simultaneous capture of biplanar X-ray images by slot scanning of the whole body in an upright, physiological load-bearing position, using ultra-low radiation doses. The simultaneous capture of spatially calibrated anterioposterior and lateral images provides a three-dimensional (3D) surface reconstruction of the skeletal system using a special software.

Parts of the skeletal system in X-ray images and 3D-reconstructed models appear in true 1:1 scale for size and volume, therefore spinal and vertebral parameters, lower limb axis lengths and angles, as well as any relevant clinical parameters in orthopaedic practice can be very precisely measured and calculated.

Visualisation of 3D reconstructed models in various views by sterEOS 3D software enables presentation of top view images to help analyse rotational conditions of lower limbs, joints and spine deformities in the horizontal plane, providing revolutionary novel possibilities in orthopaedic surgery, especially in spine surgery.The EOS imaging machine is primarily used to assess patients with spine, hip, and leg disorders. Because of the low radiation dose, EOS imaging is a good option for children with progressive conditions such as scoliosis and other spinal deformities that require frequent imaging to monitor disease progression.

Doctors at the London Spine Unit will be able to use this technology to accurately assess your posture and anatomy in order to establish the correct diagnosis and offer solutions to fix your problem based on the latest, cutting edge, advanced imaging solution. The machine with two pairs of perpendicularly positioned radiation sources and detectors not only allows simultaneous capture of AP and LAT radiographs but also enables a precise three-dimensional (3D) reconstruction of vertebrae, pelvis and other parts of the skeletal system because images are captured in a spatially calibrated manner. The most important practical advantage of EOS™ in daily routine work is the ability to produce high-quality full-body digital X-ray images, directly available for diagnostic purposes without further processing, by a single examination performed within ten to 25 seconds.

Another great advantage is the ability to produce surface 3D reconstructions with visual and quantitative parametric analysis of the skeletal system in a normal upright position.

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