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Carla Pozner

Brief Info

BSc (Hons) Biology
Upper Class second honours (2:1)

After graduating from the University of Sussex in 2005 with a degree in Biology, specialising in Biochemistry, I wanted to understand the human body in more depth and understanding, on a more practical level.

I have been painting portraits from a young age, and art has been a very important part of my life. Osteopathy has enabled me to combine my creative side with my scientific mind. Yoga has been a focus of mine for the last seven years. Not only has it played a role in my daily life, but it has also offered me another tool in my approach to treating patients. I have also recently completed training to become a yoga teacher.

I am interested in a structural, naturopathic and classical approach to osteopathy. From studying at bcom, I feel like I gained an understanding of how to treat the patient holistically, taking into account influencing factors such as biomechanics, lifestyle, dietary and habitul factors before deciding on the treatment regime. I consider that I am able to provide the patients with a “total care experience”, as well as having a good understanding and approach towards my patients. I feel that I have developed excellent interpersonal skills, which can be vital in instilling confidence, putting patients as ease, and allow a good rapport to develop between patient and practioner.

After graduating from bcom with an excellent degree, I have worked in two very different established clinics, both specialising in various aspects of the body and techniques, allowing me to consolidate my practical experience. I enjoy working in a team environment where I am able to contribute, whilst at the same time further enhance my osteopathic and naturopathic skills.

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