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A study on dispersion and rate of fat infiltration in the lumbar spine of patients with herniated nucleus polpusus.

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A study on dispersion and rate of fat infiltration in the lumbar spine of patients with herniated nucleus polpusus.

J Phys Ther Sci. 2014 Jan;26(1):37-40

Authors: Kong BJ, Lim JS, Kim K

[Purpose] This study investigated the relationship between herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP) and fat infiltration of muscles around the spine by measuring body mass index (BMI) and fat infiltration of the muscles around the spine. [Subjects and Methods] Subjects were 82 people, both men and women they were divided into two groups, a normal group and a patient group who were suffering from serious HNP between L4 and L5. Of the anthropometric measurement, and fat infiltration muscles by measuring the cross-sectional area from the center of the disc to the muscle around the spine and the cross-sectional area of fat infiltration. [Results] Fat infiltration rate of each lumbar layer in the normal group was different L34-L45 and L45-L5S1, but not between L23-L34. Fat infiltration in the muscle between the normal group and patients with HNP was different in the layers and the difference was greatest in the L5-S1 layer. [Conclusion] We performed correlation analysis of BMI and the total fat infiltration rate in each group to find the relationship between obesity and fat infiltration in the lumbar spine. Fat infiltration increased, and normal people or patients with chronic back pain are considered to be exposed to other diseases as fat infiltration in the lumbar spine increases.

PMID: 24567672 [PubMed]

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