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A novel model of combined neuropathic and inflammatory pain displaying long-lasting allodynia and spontaneous pain-like behaviour.

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A novel model of combined neuropathic and inflammatory pain displaying long-lasting allodynia and spontaneous pain-like behaviour.

Neurosci Res. 2012 Dec;74(3-4):230-8

Authors: Allchorne AJ, Gooding HL, Mitchell R, Fleetwood-Walker SM

Many clinical cases of chronic pain exhibit both neuropathic and inflammatory components. In contrast, most animal models of chronic pain focus on one type of injury alone. Here we present a novel combined model of both neuropathic and inflammatory pain and characterise its distinctive properties. This combined model of chronic constriction injury (CCI) and intraplantar Complete Freund’s Adjuvant (CFA) injection results in enhanced mechanical allodynia, thermal hyperalgesia, a static weight bearing deficit, and notably pronounced spontaneous foot lifting (SFL) behaviour (which under our conditions was not seen in either individual model and may reflect ongoing/spontaneous pain). Dorsal root ganglion (DRG) expression of Activating Transcription Factor-3 (ATF-3), a marker of axonal injury, was no greater in the combined model than CCI alone. Initial pharmacological characterisation of the new model showed that the SFL was reversed by gabapentin or diclofenac, typical analgesics for neuropathic or inflammatory pain respectively, but not by mexiletine, a Na(+) channel blocker effective in both neuropathic and inflammatory pain models. Static weight bearing deficit was moderately reduced by gabapentin, whereas only diclofenac reversed mechanical allodynia. This novel animal model of chronic pain may prove a useful test-bed for further analysing the pharmacological susceptibility of complicated clinical pain states.

PMID: 23131427 [PubMed – indexed for MEDLINE]

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