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Efficacy of kinesiology taping for recovery of dominant upper back pain in female sedentary worker having a rounded shoulder posture.

Technol Health Care. 2013 Nov 13;

Authors: Hwang-Bo G, Lee JH, Kim HD

BACKGROUND: Sedentary workers are most prone to work-related musculoskeletal disorders.
OBJECTIVE: We report the case of a female sedentary worker with rounded shoulder posture (RSP) whose dominant upper back pain decreased after correction of her RSP with kinesiology taping.METHODS: We applied kinesiology taping around the patient’s upper back and shoulder for 1 month (six times per week, each session lasting approximately 16 h) without any other interventions.
RESULTS: After kinesiology taping, the RSP decreased progressively and the dominant upper back pain gradually disappeared. The patient no longer complained of dominant upper back pain during desk work.
CONCLUSION: We believe that kinesiology taping may be used to enable recovery from dominant upper back pain in female sedentary workers with RSP.

PMID: 24225408 [PubMed – as supplied by publisher]

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